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Are There Any Alternatives To A Hysterectomy? - Dr. Ramsey (VIDEO)

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Dr. Ramsey explains some common alternatives to hysterectomies that women should consider first.

Dr. Ramsey:
Oh, many, many. One is to accept the body is changing and to love the body anyway. We call, well, in Chinese medicine the uterus is considered the second heart because you did carry a baby so you can have a heartbeat there, and so we want to love the body whether it is bleeding or not bleeding or cramping or not cramping. Finding a way to embrace the change because it is part, it is a natural part of life, and what we can do is support that process with natural things. There are teas, cimicifuga black cohosh, Melissa Lemon Balm. You can take evening primrose oil as a beautiful precursor to your hormones. There is an over-the-counter pregnenolone. All of our hormones are made from cholesterol; the first hormone made is pregnenolone, and that is what makes our estrogen and progesterone. If women are experiencing memory problems, pregnenolone helps a lot and also gives the hormone tree more precursors to make their own estrogens. One thing you really want to do is increase your nutritional status, decrease your stress level, get good exercise, sleep well; all of these things are going to help a lot, but because like I said earlier, we live in the fast lane and we wear, you know, many hats by raising children, having jobs, maybe more than one job. I do not think we are giving ourselves enough time, enough attention to go through the process in a more graceful way. If we all slow down, that I think would be the first step.

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