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Will A Hysterectomy Cause Early Menopause? - Dr. Ramsey (VIDEO)

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Dr. Ramsey explains if a hysterectomy with cause a woman to go into early menopause.

Dr. Ramsey:
Absolutely. There are two types of hysterectomy: you can do a hysterectomy where you just remove the uterus and that will make you go into menopause earlier, but not abruptly. If you remove the ovaries, you are in menopause overnight, and that is probably the most traumatic way to go into menopause, and the very next day the patients are put on hormones because it is an immediate removal of all hormones. The uterus is more of a carrying organ. It does not synthesize hormones, although it does have some effect on it. The ovaries are what synthesize the hormones.

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