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Top Questions Men Have About Women's Sexual Health

By HERWriter
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I recently distributed a survey online to find out what questions MEN have regarding women’s health. Below are the top 3 issues that men were curious about, as well as very brief responses. Women – send your guys friends/male partners here for Women’s Health 101! And feel free to add your own answers to their questions as well! Let’s be honest – most of them need all the help they can get.

Question #1: Anatomy
My girlfriend says that when she pushes deeply on her bellybutton she can feel pain in her vagina. Similarly, when I thrust deeply, she feels a twinge in her bellybutton. Is there any relationship between the bellybutton and the vagina?

Answer: Although most diagrams of female sexual organs exclude this detail, there IS tissue connecting the belly button and reproductive organs, left over from our days spent in the uterus. Because fetuses receive nutrients from/expel waste through the umbilical cord during their development, there is a tube that connects our bladder to our bellybutton, (a vestige of the umbilical cord) which doesn’t completely disappear after birth.

In our adult bodies, this tissue helps to make up the bladder wall, feeding directly into the female prostate. This is also known as the G-spot or the Trigone area (or T-spot), a spot between the bladder wall and the vagina with nerves that feed down into the bladder, uterus, vagina, clitoris, labia, etc. (For more explanation and a diagram of this anatomy, visit: http://www.a-womans-touch.com/sex_counselor.php?articleID=3065) Thus, it is possible that pressure on the bellybutton from certain angles may be felt in the vaginal canal, and vice versa – pressure on the bladder wall from the inside may create sensations felt in the belly button.

Question #2: Birth Control
Does the hormonal balance caused by birth control pills sometimes result in the side effect of painful intercourse?

Answer: Yes, any time a woman alters the natural levels of hormones in her body, it is possible that she will also experience side effects, ranging from weight gain to mood swings to nausea to decreased sex drive. Another possible side effect is a decrease in natural lubrication, which can lead to painful intercourse. I recommend that you use extra lubrication if this is a recurring problem, or investigate non-hormonal birth control methods.

Why does hormonal birth control have this effect? Basically, the additional hormones trick your brain and body into thinking they are a little bit pregnant all the time. They override your natural menstrual cycle, instead generating a false and largely unnecessary period each month. As your body adjusts to the simulated cycle and synthetic hormones, it makes changes to accommodate for the differences – hence, side effects.

Question #3: Orgasms
What's better for her: Clitoral or vaginal orgasms?

Answer: Sadly, (or maybe happily…) there is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. Because each woman is built differently, enjoys different types of caresses/positions/sensations/atmospheres, etc., and craves different forms of stimulation at different times, your best bet is to ask your partner her preferences and experiment with new methods. Some women are unable to achieve an orgasm through penetration alone – especially in the missionary position, as it provides less access to some of the most highly concentrated pleasure points (the G-spot, T-spot and clitoris). However, other women find direct clitoral stimulation too intense or uncomfortable and prefer the sensations created by vaginal penetration.

Remember, as always, that jumping immediately to stimulation of either the clitoris or the vagina may not produce an orgasm. A woman must become sexually aroused and then maintain this excitement before she is able to finish. This means that full-body foreplay (attention paid to her lips, neck, breasts, inner thighs, etc.) is a valuable tool in the journey toward orgasm, and an atmosphere that allows her to become mentally and emotionally invested in the sexual activity is crucial.

As I always say, practice makes perfect. It’s up to you and your partner to find the best balance. My personal advice? Go for the gold and see if you can’t achieve a combined clitoral and vaginal orgasm. Mind blowing.

There you have it, men! Stay tuned for a 2nd round of questions/answers soon!

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