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Cellulite Treatments: What Is New? - Dr. Van Dyke

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Dr. Van Dyke shares the newest cellulite treatments that are still in the developmental phase.

Dr. Van Dyke:
So cellulite; lots of treatments, some have been popular in past years and some are upcoming and not even available yet. So something that’s been popular in the past has been called mesotherapy. It has to do with injection of materials of chemicals under the skin. It’s been very controversial because FDA has not approved it.

There are some people who have gotten good results with it, but really how it’s working is the chemical that’s under the skin is causing massive inflammation and death of fat cells – probably not a good idea on a large level. So, at this moment mesotherapy cannot be recommended for cellulite or even for fat reduction until it’s studied further. Stay away from that one.

But what’s up and coming? Here’s an interesting thing that fat seems to be more sensitive to cold than other tissues in the body. So there is some new technology using what’s called cryolipolysis meaning cold, fat, reduction to reduce fat particularly in the stomach. So it’s putting cold paddles - don’t try this at home - using a machine that will lower the temperature of the fat to below zero for a few seconds, and by freezing that fat, over the next few months the fat does seem to reduce and cellulite might improve. Not available yet, but coming.

Another new horizon on cellulite, which is not here yet but coming soon, is ultrasound. Ultrasound is used to look inside the body. Pregnant women have their babies looked at. Well you can use ultrasound to find the fat too. So you can literally find these bulges of fat and then you can use the ultrasound to focus on that fat and to generate a little heat in that fat and melt it and shrink it down. So I think in the next five years to ten years, probably sooner, we are going to see some really neat treatments come out.

About Dr. Susan Van Dyke, M.D.:
After completing 2 years of formal training in Internal Medicine, Dr. Van Dyke found what was to be the start of her dream job. She spent the next 3 years training intensely at Ohio State University and the University of Arizona Medical Centers. Her focus: Dermatology, particularly the cosmetic aspects. Founded in 1985, she formed her practice to deliver the best of Dermatology. In 1995, Van Dyke Laser & Skin became one of the first exclusively Cosmetic Dermatology practices in the world.

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