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Infographic: The Science Behind Aging Skin

By EmpowHER
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Infographic: The Science Behind Aging Skin

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How many of us spent our teen years soaking up sun by the pool? Our beauty was guaranteed and invincible. Sunscreen was for babies and hats were for old ladies. How many of us smoked because it was cool, or even sexy?

How about now? Does your face take on gray dullness after a splurge on bad food? Or a redness and puffiness after a late night drinking with friends? If you are older than 30, have you noticed changes in skin and muscle tone? Do people ask you if you’re feeling tired?

Intrinsic forces on our skin, such as time and heredity, are not malleable. But every lifestyle choice we make carries a consequence, for better or worse, for our skin

Infographic The Science Behind Aging Skin

Infographic written by Misty Jacobs

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