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What Are Sleep Apnea Symptoms? - Dr. McPherson (VIDEO)

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Dr. McPherson introduces himself and describes the symptoms experienced by those who have sleep apnea.

Dr. McPherson:
Hello! I am George McPherson. I am a physician in Las Vegas, Nevada and I am the Director of this Sleep Center at Sunrise. My background is in both pulmonary medicine and sleep disorders and I have been involved with evaluation and treatment in sleep disorders for the last 20 years, and I am board-certified in sleep medicine.

The most common thing that people notice is snoring, and often the patient may not be aware of it, but usually the spouse or other person who lives with the patient is usually quite aware of the snoring. The patient may experience awakenings at night, sometimes with gasping, and the patient may also start feeling excessively sleepy during the day where they fall asleep more easily in passive situations such as driving, meetings, watching television, and this is often as a change for the patient and is a sign there might be something new occurring.

About Dr. Charles D. McPherson, M.D.:
Dr. Charles D. McPherson is the Director of the Sleep Disorder Center at Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. He also specializes in pulmonary diseases and internal medicine at the Pulmonary Specialist Group of Nevada.

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