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What Occurs During A Sleep Apnea Study? - Dr. McPherson (VIDEO)

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Dr. McPherson describes the process that takes place during a sleep apnea study.

Dr. McPherson:
A woman coming to get a sleep study done at Sunrise Hospital Sleep Disorder Center would be contacted ahead of time, of course, and arrange for an evening to come in. They would first arrive and have a time to talk with the sleep technician who would describe what is going to occur for that night. There is a number of monitoring devices that are put in place, scalp electrodes to monitor brainwaves to see if the patient is awake, asleep, and what stage of sleep they are in, and then other monitoring to monitor breathing – both airflow at the nose or mouth and respiratory effort.

Electrocardiogram is monitored, your oxygen level is monitored and limb movement is monitored. Once the patient has all these things in place and is allowed time to relax and get comfortable, then eventually the lights are turned out and hopefully the patient is able to fall asleep and this is recorded throughout the night. If the patient does need to get up during the night for whatever reasons, such as to use the restroom, they can be unhooked and allowed to go to the restroom and come back later.

We also ask the patients to take their usual medications and go through their usual routines that they would at home to make it as normal as possible.

About Dr. Charles D. McPherson, M.D.:
Dr. Charles D. McPherson is the Director of the Sleep Disorder Center at Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. He also specializes in pulmonary diseases and internal medicine at the Pulmonary Specialist Group of Nevada.

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