I was given some very disturbing news this week. A good friend of mine has a two year old granddaughter with a strep infection. The answer from the doctor was to prescribe a sulfa-based ...

Potential dangerous situation with a two year old & antibiotics


What products are available from Young Living Essential Oils that can either supply Glucosamine or be a safe, ideal alternative?

Glucosamine – A Building Block for Cartilage


Chances are you are taking fish oil or something that has omega-3 in it for your health. Did you know that the type of fish oil you use can make a big difference? It’s true! Researchers from ...

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Our Church had appointed last Sunday as a vestry meeting. However, illness postponed meeting. My wife and I were well because we firmly believe the Devine Power of the living Essential Oils. ...

I Told You So or A quick Lesson Trusting the True Creator


Would you like to see articles that are pertaining to you and how therapeutic grade essentials oils may benefit your challenge. Please feel free to e-mail me with your questions or topics you ...

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Extreme stress caused me to have, what I believe was a nervous breakdown. All my skin started to erupt evenly and I ballooned up with water. My kidneys were backing off and my liver as well, I ...

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Menopause, that dreaded word. I have often wondered why it was called MENopause. Last time I checked MEN was not involved, they are not giving thought or pausing about our hormones. Here ...

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