Even a few years ago, CFS was misunderstood. Maybe it still is? People were told to get a good nights sleep, take some vitamins and the symptoms of CFS would all go away. Even worse, some ...

minxdebra commented on SusanC's post How important has family support been to you, with regard to your CFS?


I have all of the above disorders. I wonder if maybe they are all related to each other. Does anyone else have all these problems?

minxdebra commented on casaatthebeach's post Does anyone have CHF, COPD, Asthma, RSD and IBM with Fibromyalgia?


I have been suffering for years in silence and unsure what was really wrong with me. I turned to drugs and alcohol at one point neither of which helped. They only masked the problems. Finally ...

Family understanding and acceptance, ie..no I am not lazy, stop calling me a weakling.