I have lost my total ability to get, sustain, maintain, or have an erection. I am type II diabetic and my sugar levels are in good numbers. I don't know if I have high blood pressure etc. But ...

It's regarding men's erection.


The numbers that I get from 3 to 5 reading I take everyday. However, I cannot come close to getting the majic numbers like 5, 6, and 7. I call these numbers as Majic Numbers because the best sugar ...

I am 53, type II Diabetic. When it comes to fruits and vegetables, how much to eat? Thanks.


My sugar levels are going higher and higher. What's the best way to get them under control. I am type II, 53 (Edited by moderator). Thanks.

How Do I Control My Diabetes?


My urologist has given me some injections which I have not used it. He is performing some more tests in the weeks ahead.

I am at the end of the tunnel when it's time for love making. Meaning I cannot have an erection. Which over the counter drug is the best. Like Swissmiss etc.