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H2O Optimized: HFACTOR Water

By HERWriter
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Sponsored by: HFACTOR

How well are you hydrating? Remember, good hydration is more than just the eradication of thirst.

Water covers 71 percent of the earth’s surface and comprises about 60 percent of our bodies. It is essential to life, sustaining our planet and our survival. All life hinges on hydration — a human being can’t last more than a few days without it. (1)

Even low levels of dehydration affect thinking and disrupt mood. Water boosts energy, regulates mood, fuels motivation and makes exertion seem more effortless.(7)

If water does all that, imagine what water optimized with hydrogen can do. One company is stirring up the marketplace with a first-of-its-kind, hydrogen-rich water full of antioxidants – HFACTOR.

Who wouldn't want to be more effectively hydrated, right?

Why hydrogen?

Water is a chemical compound comprised of two hydrogen molecules and one oxygen molecule— H₂0.

If you access your high school memory banks for the periodic table of elements, you might recall hydrogen, H₁, in the top left corner. Hydrogen is the alpha wolf of the elements, the most abundant element in the universe.(3)

Hydrogen as H₂0 is present in all living organisms— plants, animals, bacteria, our bodies, even stardust. The element makes up 90 percent of the atoms, and 75 percent of the mass of the universe.(3)

Hydrogen has been used medicinally since 1888. (6) And today, an increasing number of studies reveal evidence of the therapeutic effects of adding hydrogen to water.(5)

What makes hydrogen water different from regular water?

With regular water, our bodies don’t receive the full benefits of hydrogen as two hydrogen atoms are bound to oxygen, making H₂0. However, with hydrogen rich water like HFACTOR, molecular hydrogen gas (H2) is dissolved into the water, forming active diatomic hydrogen molecules that more effectively heal the human body.

Unlike other hydrogen waters that use chemical processes, HFACTOR naturally infuses pure hydrogen into water using a patent-pending process.

"HFACTOR is totally natural and made in the USA. We source our water here in the United State and enrich it with hydrogen, using only natural means," Gail Levy, founder of HFACTOR, told EmpowHER.

The science behind HFACTOR

More than 300 independent research studies primarily in Japan, China and the U.S. have found that hydrogen-infused water possesses powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammation properties, as well as a cytoprotective (cell protecting) effects.(6)

Hydrogen water is a holistic, rejuvenating tonic, which may heal multiple bodily systems. Industry-leading studies show that hydrogen water prevents Parkinson’s, (5) improves kidney function after exposure to toxins and reduces brain inflammation associated with Alzheimer’s.(6)

Hydrogen water may also aid in wound healing, type 2 diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, soft-tissue sports injuries and sunburn.(5)It may even have cardioprotective benefits.(6)

HFACTOR may be the future of hydration.

And now the rest of the story—the packaging

"There are really two stories," Levy said. "The water is innovative, but its packaging is also state-of-the-art."

Hydrogen is not only the most abundant element, it is also the smallest and lightest, so it easily escapes from standard glass and plastic bottles. To maintain the integrity of the product, HFACTOR created an innovative aluminum pouch to ensure hydrogen remains at optimal levels.

BPA-free and with a low carbon footprint, HFACTOR's proprietary packaging preserves hydrogen until you unleash it for what may be the best hydration of your life.

To read more about HFACTOR or to order it online, visit hfactorwater.com.

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