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Health Benefits of Tea for Millennials

By HERWriter
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cup of tea Via Unsplash Edited by: Katelyn Greno

Admit it, you’re a coffee addict, but have you ever considered switching over to tea? Whether you take your tea iced or hot, it can be an extremely healthy alternative to your normal cup of caffeine.  

When it comes to teas, there are hundreds of options, each one with some pretty unique health benefits. Try one of these 5 teas, and see what health benefits are packed in each cup!

Peppermint Tea

Flavor: Minty

Caffeine Level: Moderate

I live off of this stuff. I will abide by this; peppermint tea solves a lot of problems. First, peppermint tea is great for relieving nausea. The coolness from the mint can help ease a queasy stomach. Have an interview for a new job you really want? Or going on a first date and feel the nerves? Mint stimulates relaxation and in turn helps reduce stress. Peppermint tea also aids any stomach pain, cramping, and headaches. It helps ease period cramps too! Did I mention it reduces bad breath? Time to pick up a box of this tea!  

Green Tea

Flavor: Bitter yet fresh.

Caffeine Level: High

This is a great alternative for coffee because of its amount of caffeine. An article on WebMD has some researchers saying that green tea is the best tea for you. Green tea contains catechin, which are antioxidants that prevent cell damage. Green tea is proven to lower cholesterol and blood sugar. Drinking a hot cup of green tea is relaxing and calms the body while giving you a boost of energy to take on the day!   

White Tea

Flavor: Light and slightly sweet

Caffeine Level: Low

White tea contains many nutrients that promote healthy living. A benefit of choosing white tea is the antioxidants that help reduce premature aging. It keeps your skin smooth and healthy from all the nutrients. White tea can also improve oral health. The amount of fluoride found in white tea can help with decreasing tooth decay. 

Black Tea

Flavor: Crisp and earthy

Caffeine Level: High

Black tea seems to be the most popular. Did you know that this tea can help with heart health? In an article on theteatalk.com, research shows that drinking at least 3 cups of black tea a day can reduce dying from heart disease by 11%. The antioxidants in black tea help with health and well-being. Maybe the stress of school or pulling all of those all-nighters can make you sick from not getting enough rest; this tea can boost your immune system. Drinking black tea frequently overtime helps in strengthening your bones. Can’t go wrong with a cup of this tea!

Dandelion Root Tea

Flavor: Flowery

Caffeine Level: Moderate

I just added this tea to my collection in my house. I love dandelion root tea because it promotes a smooth digestive system. This tea improves your liver by removing toxins and balances hydration. An article on MindBodyGreen states that drinking dandelion tea can help with a hangover! It relieves stomachaches and constipation. It is nutrient rich including vitamin C and vitamin A. Dandelion reduces inflammation, pain, and lowers cholesterol.

While we are young, it is good to know about different teas and the benefits they each have. Most teas have a lot in common such as containing caffeine, reducing stress, and reducing inflammation, all while stimulating relaxation. The most important is how they all support health and wellness. Give some of these teas a try!

Editing Note: This article did not filter through the normal EmpowHER editing and fact checking process. It was checked for spelling and grammar.

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