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How Is A Woman Evaluated To Learn If Her Body Contains Toxins? - Dr. Ring (VIDEO)

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Dr. Ring describes how a woman is evaluated to discover if she contains bodily toxins.

Dr. Ring:
To determine if you are toxic, again, there are these kind of questionnaires that you do. They are very vague. They’re almost like a Cosmo quiz and then we’d have… the history is very important, so what somebody’s exposure. I saw a woman who used to be a dental hygienist and was creating the mercury fillings, you know, no gloves from hands. She is somebody who may actually have a real toxic exposure.

People who work in certain industries like the airline industry, I see airlines stewardesses and pilots and they may have a more, a greater likelihood of being toxic, and then, so the history is important, and then the third thing is that there are tests available, usually through tests that are not done through a conventional hospital that look at urine, blood, saliva measures for toxic substances and I don’t know that those are necessary for everybody. They are indicated for a certain population, but because even their accuracy is questionable I don’t think that everybody needs to get that test before going on a detoxification diet.

About Dr. Ring, M.D.:
Melinda Ring, M.D., is an Integrative Medicine physician at Northwestern Memorial Hospital. Dr. Ring believes the patient and physician are partners in the healing process. She uses evidence-based approaches from other cultures to complement Western medicine treatment and stimulates the body's innate healing abilities. Her philosophy embraces treating the whole person, physical, emotional and spiritual dimensions, to achieve optimal health. Dr. Ring received her medical degree from the University of Chicago/Pritzker School of Medicine and has been practicing medicine since 1997.

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