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This Blogger's Eating Disorder Changed Her Life. Here's What She's Doing Now.

Today Sammy Davis empowers women to feel beautiful. But she used to have trouble seeing that in herself.

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A Telemedicine Appointment: Would You Do A Virtual Visit?

Virtual visits are on the rise in telemedicine. Learn how more doctors are doing health consultations through the web.

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13 Warning Signs Depression is Getting Worse

Depression's severity can change, just like other medical conditions. Here are 13 signs to watch for when it worsens.

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Osteoarthritis or Rheumatoid Arthritis: Which Do You Have?

They sound the same, but have some differences! Here are some ways to determine which one you have.

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Michelle's Story

"I got sick. I got well, and then…I got mad. I decided to start EmpowHER to make sure no woman would suffer as I did."

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Managing Menopausal Symptoms at Work: How Women are "Keeping Their Cool"

Many women are seeking and finding ways to balance the impact.