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8 Phrases You Shouldn't Say to Someone Who Has Depression or Anxiety

Don't know what to say to someone with depression or anxiety? Here are some phrases you'll want to avoid.

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The 7 Most Common and Serious Sleep Disorders

An estimated 50-70 million Americans chronically suffer from a sleep disorder. Learn more about the most common ones.

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Sleep Pink to Raise Awareness Around Breast Cancer This October

Each year thousands of menopausal women are diagnosed with breast cancer. Sleep Pink helps bring awareness around this.

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Enough With the Pink Crap, Let’s Focus On Health Empowerment!

Don't get me wrong, raising awareness is extremely important. But let's focus on health empowerment as a whole.

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Hot Flashes? You have options, including a
non-hormonal alternative.

Here are five ways to beat the heat of hot flashes during menopause.

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Michelle's Story

"I got sick. I got well, and then…I got mad. I decided to start EmpowHER to make sure no woman would suffer as I did."

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Managing Menopausal Symptoms at Work: How Women are "Keeping Their Cool"

Many women are seeking and finding ways to balance the impact.