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EmpowHER Featured on the Today Show

Randi Zuckerberg shares EmpowHER as one of seven free apps & websites that will help you get healthy.

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Find Your Balance between Past and Present

Are you locked in to a particular life because of things that happened in your past? You can live your own truth.

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Cost of a Cure: Americans Pay 99% More For New Hep C Medication

Seems the drug actually kills the virus. What's the problem? You probably can't afford it.

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Does Vitamin D Really Help?

That depends on a few factors. For instance, is it vitamin D2 or D3? They are not the same.

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Lost Ability to Communicate May Be Sign of a More Serious Problem

Aphasia occurs when the brain's control of language is damaged. Communication is difficult or impossible.

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Over-involvement with Smart Devices Leads to Stress, Depression

Ever wonder how your smart phone or tablet is actually affecting you as a person?

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Michelle's Story

"I got sick. I got well, and then…I got mad. I decided to start EmpowHER to make sure no woman would suffer as I did."

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