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I've loved the recent research coming out vindicating saturated fats as a healthy part of eating.

embrace saturated fat in this low-fat world Embracing Saturated Fat in a Low-Fat World

Recently, I had the opportunity to attend TED2014 and I was very excited about what psychologist Philip Zimbardo had to say.

MonkeyBusiness Images/PhotoSpin Access to Violence and Pornography Alters Boys’ Brains

Where you live impacts your vitamin D levels.

View Comments Anonymous commented 3 days ago.
 where you live affects how much vitamin D you get Where You Live and Vitamin D

A Mississippi girl born with HIV who was thought to be cured by immediate and aggressive drug treatment has relapsed.

View Comments Anonymous commented 2 days ago.
HIV Setback: Girl Not Cured of HIV, Showing Signs of Virus HIV Setback: Girl Thought to be Cured of HIV Shows Signs of Virus

In the summertime many of us tend to eat more fruit since so much of it is in season. But all is not rosy in the fruit department.

View Comments Erin Kennedy commented 2 days ago.
Listeria Risk Leads to Fruit Recall by Wawona Packing Company Listeria Risk Results in Fruit Recall by Wawona Packing Company

If you think about it, memories are one of the most important parts of life. Memories help define who you are as a person, and differentiate you from the person next to you.

View Comments Erin Kennedy commented 2 days ago.
decreased sleep linked to difficulties with memory Decreased Sleep Linked to Memory Difficulties

Sherry Torkos, a holistic pharmacist, author, certified fitness instructor and mother, understands that it is hard to keep kids healthy.

have healthy kids this summer with Sherry Torkos Keep Kids Healthy This Summer with Sherry Torkos

Apparently a low-fat diet isn't the healthy regimen we've believed it to be.

View Comments bachcole commented 3 days ago.
saturated fats healthier than carbohydrates, sugar and low-fat Saturated Fats Healthier than Low-Fat, Sugar and Carbohydrates

July was declared National Ice Cream Month by President Ronald Reagan in 1984, according to the International Dairy Foods Association (IDFA).

Not-So-Mainstream Ice Cream for National Ice Cream Month Enjoy Not-So-Mainstream Ice Cream During National Ice Cream Month

Believe or not, there is a simple health remedy that boosts the immune system, cures depression, reduces stress and induces sleep.

did you hug your kids today? Have you Hugged Your Kids Today?

Everyone wants beautiful, luscious skin all the time, especially in the summertime.

View Comments Erin Kennedy commented 2 days ago.
4 things that could make your skin dry this summer 4 Things that Could Be Drying Out Your Skin this Summer

I recently attended my goddaughter's graduation from a school in Connecticut. Speakers, teachers and guests alike focused on one essential theme for children: entering the world of adults.

Wellness related image 6 Steps for Success for High School Graduates

We're only human. This means the body occasionally has some hiccups that may last for a couple seconds to a couple of days until it corrects itself without much explanation.

5 symptoms you should bring to your doctor's attention 5 Symptoms You Should Bring to the Attention of Your Doctor

The heartbreaking loss of a pregnancy early in life may lead to increased risk of cardiovascular disease after menopause.

Loss of pregnancy could raise heart disease risk later Loss of Pregnancy May Increase Heart Disease Risk Later

I’m sure most of us are familiar with the movie Mary Poppins and the song “Feed the Birds”. I usually sing this song as a lullaby for my son. But don't follow this song's advice, it's a ...

 thinking about feeding the birds? Bad idea Tempted to Feed the Birds? It's a Bad Idea

I have had chronic lower back pain for the last seven years that has not seen much relief.

Bad News for Bad Backs: Steroid Shots Might Not Work Bad News for Bad Backs: Steroid Shots May Not Work

Only a few decades ago, the often contradictory data as to whether or not bug repellents were safe was sidestepped by some by just living with the itching from bug bites. But since that ...

View Comments Jody Smith commented 3 days ago.
not sure about bug repellents? EWG guide can help Confused About Bug Repellents? EWG's Guide Can Help

How do you feel when you wear the color red? What do you think of women who are dressed in red?

women in red threatening to other women Women in Red Regarded as Sexually Threatening by Other Women

Women don’t feel well. You may read that statement and think to yourself, “But I feel fine.” If you do, you are one of the lucky few.

View Comments Anonymous commented 5 days ago.
When Women are Feeling Better, Our Economy will Do Better When Women Feel Better, Our Economy will Do Better

According to published figures, the average fertility clinic has an in vitro fertilization (IVF) success rate of only 20-30 percent, but new techniques could boost success rates to ...

in vitro fertilization may see more successes with new techniques In Vitro Fertilization May See More Successes with New Techniques

Stress is unavoidable in life, whether it’s from a round of layoffs at work, a breakup with your significant other, or even something as simple as driving through bad traffic.

9 ways you can reduce chronic stress 9 Tips to Help You Reduce Chronic Stress

During my freshman year of college, I struggled with my weight and in my second semester, my grades.

students hitting the gym: do they hit the books harder? Do Students Hitting the Gym Hit the Books Harder?

A woman has a 15-25 percent chance of becoming pregnant with unprotected sex each cycle, depending on the research.

Morning-After Pill Emergency Contraception: How Does It Work? Morning-After Pill for Emergency Contraception: How Does It Work?

Early detection of Alzheimer’s may start in the eyes or nose, not in the brain.

Alzheimer's Disease related image The Key to Detecting Early Alzheimer's May Lie In Your Eyes and Nose

In today’s busy world, we hear a lot about remembering to slow down, to unplug from technology, and to find ways to de-stress.

View Comments Anonymous commented 1 week ago.
Wellness related image The Benefits of Journaling and How to Get Started


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