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chest.shoulder,between shoulder blades pain ,tummy pain ect for over a year

By August 4, 2010 - 8:51am
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Hi i have that many pains and problems i may bore you all as i bore my self .Here we go please excuse my spellings and grammer,i have been having pains i my chest ,breast,s shouders,and between shoulder blades for over a year,i have had lots of diffrent tests done on my heart .ie ecg.echo gram.running stress test,the radio active med test,blood works ,the radio active med test was done last july 2009 ,all normal,I have also had ultrs scan on tummy for gall bladder that too was normal.I had blood tests done a few weeks ago my thyroid test came back border line overactive thyroid,yes i do have some of the symptoms ,tired ,eating more no weight loss or gain thou.i feel down,and as for active i am all ways on the go so would not notice,my peroids have gone from very heavy to just one day of heavy bleeding then just spotting which is good as i have sufferd with heavy painful periods for years .Ican not get to the bottom of my pains ,a few years ago the doctor found a lump in my breast i was sent for a mamogramme i have lots of cysts in both breast so thats why i probley get breast pains.I would like to add chest pain is left and right and i get lower right side pain .All i want is too know what these pains are they are taking over my life

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Hi susan i took a look at the web sites and yes i can tick most of the boxes cfs yes is one of the main ones that sound like me.I rung my doctors today and spoke to one of the nurses she is lovely and most of the time i like to talk to her rather then the doctors she is so understanding,i ended up in tears because of what i am going through,i feel so silly keep going to the doctors i feel like they think i am mad but i am not well, the pains are real .I dont suffer from depression i may get down but not depressed im not the sort of person that gives up i fight these pains every day and even when i am in pain i dont let others see i get on with it,i am happy im married have three children my two eldest have left home my youngest is 13 years old my daughter lives next door to me with her husband and my two grand children,my husband is a good man works hard is kind and caring and he loves me ,so i have no problems in my life as such.I worry about my health i wont lie but its knowing some thing is wrong but you dont know what, you know your own body ,im glad its not heart related after all the tests i have had surley they cant be wrong.Iam off back to the doctors in the morning they have got to get to the bottom of it ,thank you for your time x

August 5, 2010 - 7:42am
HERWriter Guide

Hi Caroline!

Thanks so much for your post (and we're not grammar or spelling police here so please don't worry!) I read your other (older) post about your pain and I see that you are still at a loss about what is wrong, as are your doctors?

I wonder if you should take a different track here. You may be dealing with Fibromyalgia or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. You can click on those pages for more info (just click on their names).

Another condition that I'd like you to read up on is something called Chronic Pain Syndrome. The website, Chronic Pain Syndrome.net is devoted to this sometimes mysterious condition. The website describes this condition as "a very complex and challenging condition to many healthcare providers as it can have many different reasons for its existence in an individual suffering from chronic pain syndrome.
Pain, itself, is the most common reason for individuals to see their doctor or medical professional while about 35% of individuals in the nation suffer from some type of chronic pain.
Over forty-eight million in this country alone are not able to function normally as a result of some type of debilitating form of chronic pain.
Ultimately, chronic pain syndrome is pain which lasts longer than 6 months, sometimes only a few months according to some doctors.
Chronic pain syndrome can consist of many different symptoms and can be hard for medical professionals to figure out at first due to the many different systems in the human body which could be causing the chronic pain syndrome at the same time.
The root of chronic pain syndrome could be physical as well as neurological in many cases.
After years of research, medical professionals have found that chronic pain syndrome is more commonly developed in individuals suffering from psychological syndromes such as depression, hypochondriasis, somatization disorder and more.
Individuals suffering from chronic pain syndrome usually experience more negative effects due to lack of sleep quality and depression moreso over the intensity of pain, anxiety or duration thereof.
Statistically speaking, it is more likely for women to report heightened levels of chronic pain syndrome than that of men.
According to past medical research, chronic pain syndrome and the associated symptoms are usually a direct result of a past injury or experience which cause the amplified pain and/or sense of loss, fright or negative experience within oneself which can cause the lasting elements in chronic pain syndrome such as that of chronic burning pain or RSD which is in all actuality a neurological disorder associated with chronic pain, or CPS.
It is also important to recognize that stress is oftentimes one of the leading amplifiers of chronic pain syndrome and this stress alone often will cause chronic pain syndrome to flare up in a worsened manner."

You can read more about it here: http://www.chronicpainsyndrome.net/

You can also read up in Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome from the Mayo Clinic :

Do you think there is a possibility that you may be dealing with something like this? Please check out the websites and let me know what you think...I look forward to hearing back from you,


August 4, 2010 - 12:01pm
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