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No sex!? What happened!?

By September 20, 2012 - 10:35pm

My boyfriend and I started off hot and heavy about 18 months ago. Now he only wants to have sex when I'm on my way out the door (usually bent over some appliance). He asks for blow jobs a lot, which I used to love giving ... but now, he doesn't turn me on as much. I hate the thought of having loosened up ... but it wasn't a problem before and I haven't been with anyone else. Foreplay is utterly non-existant and I can't even feel him inside me! He doesn't want to have sex in bed, just in the kitchen or bathroom when I'm preoccupied. I'm starting to resent him. But I love him so much!!! HELP!?

By HERWriter Guide September 23, 2012 - 12:18pm

Hi Crossroads.ca

Thanks for your post!

What is it about this person that you love? He doesn't want intimacy with you, just some kind of porn-scene sex that's done in a quick and easy-to-leave way. If he gets to have sex with you just as you need to leave, it'll be quick, he'll get off and he won't have to deal with you afterwards since you have to leave. He wants blowjobs because they are satisfying for him and again, all about him and his needs - nothing about you and yours.

It's hard to tell anyone what to do because we don't hear the other person's side but there's no way I'd allow myself to be treated like a whore who leaves right after she makes the man happy. But att least she gets paid!

Respect yourself and stand up for yourself! Respect your own body and mind!

Ask yourself what you love about him, how well he treats you and if you can handle this treatment long term. If you can't, then ask him to work on the relationship with you. Most relationships can be worked out if both put the time and effort in and you deserve happiness in your life!



September 23, 2012 - 12:18pm

Group Leader

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