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3 Reasons You Have Dry Skin — And What You Can Do About It

By HERWriter Blogger
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dry skin Via Pexels, edited by Kaitlyn Thompson

Your skin is the first line of defense against everything you come up against. The harsh sun, wind, rain, and temperature variations as well as soaps and other products all hit your skin first. It is, after all, your body’s largest organ.

But you don't have to throw your hands up and give in to dry, itchy, scaly skin. You do not have to commit to wearing long pants and shirts no matter the weather. You can replenish your dry skin and get the smooth, supple skin you want.

The first step to healing any problem is admitting that you have one. If you can admit you have dry skin, then the next step is figuring out what you're doing to cause or exacerbate the dryness of your skin.

With a little effort and knowledge you can have the kind of skin you want to show off! Check out these three reasons your skin might be dry, below, as well as how to fix it.

1) Cold Weather

As the temperature drops in fall and winter, the humidity level, or the level of moisture in the air, goes down too. This dry air can make your skin dry, too. Turning up the heat to stay warm can further strip the moisture from your skin, as it does from the air.

What You Can Do:

Use a humidifier to keep the air in your home full of moisture. Humidity in your home should be between 45 and 55 percent. The optimal temperature is 68 degrees. If you have to leave the perfect environment in your home, be sure to protect your skin when you go out, especially your face, hands and lips.

2) Harsh Soap

Not all soaps are created equal. There are some cleaners that are so hard on your skin that they break down its natural moisture barrier.

What You Can Do:

Try to use a mild soap that is free of fragrances, alcohol and other harsh chemicals. The best kinds are those that moisturizes your skin as it cleanses. Look for soap that is specifically made to combat dry skin.

3) Long, Hot Showers

Sure, a steamy 30-minute shower might sound good, especially after a cold day. But staying in the shower can actually rob your skin of moisture.

What You Can Do:

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