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What Is Prometa Treatment? - Dr. Kharazmi (VIDEO)

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What Is Prometa Treatment? - Dr. Kharazmi (VIDEO)
What Is Prometa Treatment? - Dr. Kharazmi (VIDEO)
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Dr. Kharazmi explains what Prometa Treatment is and how it can help women recover from addictions.

Dr. Kharazmi:
One of the nice things about Prometa is that GIAA (Genetic Institute of Anti-Aging) will provide a program for alcohol and stimulant addiction that all of it takes place in our outpatient environment; a very private, comfortable and easy program to follow without interruption of work, without family and friends having to know about it. It’s not an inpatient program where you’re suddenly isolated from the world for 42 days.

This all takes place in an environment where nobody knows what’s going on, easy to follow program, treatment that’s just three days of IV infusion for alcohol, five days for stimulant use and a medication program and counseling that follows it, but all taking as an outpatient place.

What a wonderful solution for such a terrible problem, and amazing results, up to 70% success rate, more than any other program out there. That’s what’s so amazing about the Prometa program. Environment, GIAA again being so comfortable, private, easy access and most amazing staff that are sympathetic to all of our patients who have a serious addictive disorder. That is what GIAA offers.

It’s nice to get away from your old habits, your old environment and perhaps enjoy Southern California’s beauty and really experience the Prometa experience as an outpatient form of treatment for alcohol and stimuli addiction without having to worry about being confined in a lock-down type of facility.

This area has a lot of wonderful things to be able to enjoy which is the beach, but also it’s an area that we can provide excellent care and address your addiction problems without having to again put you in a situation where it’s uncomfortable and not familiar.

Dr. Kharazmi, M.D.
Dr. Mohammad Kharazmi serves as the anti-aging medicine specialist at the Genetic Institute of Anti-Aging in Costa Mesa, California. He attended the University of California at Irvine for his undergraduate educations and later earned his medical doctorate (M.D.) at UCI’s medical school. In addition to anti-aging, Dr. Kharazmi is Board Certified in internal medicine and geriatrics.

Dr. Kharazmi is the partner and cofounder of Sherman Internal Medicine Clinics, cofounder of Medical Information Network Systems, and member of the American Medical Association. When he is not treating patients Dr. Kharazmi is a national speaker and consultant to Pfizer, Novartis, Aventis, Sankyo, Abbot and TAP.

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