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Life Coach, What Are The Benefits? - Dr. Kharazmi (VIDEO)

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Life Coach, What Are The Benefits? - Dr. Kharazmi (VIDEO)
Life Coach, What Are The Benefits? - Dr. Kharazmi (VIDEO)
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Dr. Kharazmi explains what life coaching is and its long term benefits.

Dr. Kharazmi:
Life coach could be many different things. From a healthcare provider, a life coach is one who intervenes at a more personal level and a more personal direction as far as goal of health, okay? Because life coach, in a general terminology, can be used for many different aspects of a patient’s life; it could be from a personal level, from a financial stability level to goal-oriented levels but from a physician’s perspective it’s really, as a physician what am I doing to help that individual achieve their goal in terms of health, and it’s a step beyond. Interaction again occurs at an office setting. It’s somebody who maintains a vigilant and very close interaction with the patient making sure again, their goals are being met and those are health-oriented goals predominantly.

So, life coach from my perspective is one that again, you go beyond one interaction, you become intertwined with the patient’s healthcare and take it to the next level of making sure that things are happening in the right direction, making sure that they’re following the recommendations, making sure the lifestyle modifications are taking place, making sure that they’re not disappointed in their poor outcomes, their poor results that occur which is very common as well.

Making sure they have a great understanding of their health issues because that’s a big problem. The enigma that occurs around disease processes is creates a fear factor which ultimately what it does is that it causes the patient to give up in terms of being their own coach, being their own caregiver and relying on other people to provide direction in terms of their own well-being and that’s why your site is very, very effective in terms of providing that educational level, perhaps enabling patients to become really their own coaches as well and enabling them and empowering them to become healthier, become involved in their own healthcare.

Dr. Kharazmi, M.D.
Dr. Mohammad Kharazmi serves as the anti-aging medicine specialist at the Genetic Institute of Anti-Aging in Costa Mesa, California. He attended the University of California at Irvine for his undergraduate educations and later earned his medical doctorate (M.D.) at UCI’s medical school. In addition to anti-aging, Dr. Kharazmi is Board Certified in internal medicine and geriatrics.

Dr. Kharazmi is the partner and cofounder of Sherman Internal Medicine Clinics, cofounder of Medical Information Network Systems, and member of the American Medical Association. When he is not treating patients Dr. Kharazmi is a national speaker and consultant to Pfizer, Novartis, Aventis, Sankyo, Abbot and TAP.

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