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Inability To Sleep, Will This Affect Hormone Production Or Aging? - Dr. Kharazmi (VIDEO)

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Inability To Sleep, Will This Affect Hormone Production Or Aging? - Dr. Kharazmi (VIDEO)
Inability To Sleep, Will This Affect Hormone Production Or Aging? - Dr. ...
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Dr. Kharazmi shares if a woman's inability to achieve a healthy sleep affects her hormone production or aging.

Dr. Kharazmi:
Absolutely, lack of sleep, one of the common things that are associated with it, lack of sleep reduces growth hormone production, lack of sleep also increases cortisol production, lack of sleep affects other variations of hormone production and it occurs at night time.

Sleep is important in triggering anabolic hormones in general. People who don’t sleep well appear to be aged for a good reason because they are not producing the hormones they need to restore their body. There’s cognitive impairment associated with lack of sleep.

People are punchier, they don’t drive as well, it’s very common. Truck drivers commonly have accidents because of lack of sleep. Nurses who stay up all night and work tend to have more accidents and make more errors, errors of omission whenever that occurs, higher incidents associated with people who don’t sleep.

So yes, you do age rapidly when you don’t sleep. Sleep is a very important part of your physiology.

Dr. Kharazmi, M.D.
Dr. Mohammad Kharazmi serves as the anti-aging medicine specialist at the Genetic Institute of Anti-Aging in Costa Mesa, California. He attended the University of California at Irvine for his undergraduate educations and later earned his medical doctorate (M.D.) at UCI’s medical school. In addition to anti-aging, Dr. Kharazmi is Board Certified in internal medicine and geriatrics.

Dr. Kharazmi is the partner and cofounder of Sherman Internal Medicine Clinics, cofounder of Medical Information Network Systems, and member of the American Medical Association. When he is not treating patients Dr. Kharazmi is a national speaker and consultant to Pfizer, Novartis, Aventis, Sankyo, Abbot and TAP.

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