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AIDS / HIV: Symptoms, Risks and Diagnosis

By EmpowHER
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Many people live with HIV long before they realize they have it. Ten years can go by before any symptoms at all surface, and, if they do, it’s easy to mistake them for the flu.

Things like sweats, chills, fever, weight loss, loss of appetite and weakness can indicate the infection is present but it’s difficult to tell in the beginning.

There is what’s known as a “window” period from the beginning of the production of antibodies (around three weeks post-infection) to about four to six weeks post-infection when the virus is positive during testing.

The window period is the period during which it is dangerous to not know you have HIV, as you can spread the disease, yet you will not test positive for the disease and many of the rapid tests are not accurate.


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EmpowHER Guest

Good day. Sorry to say, I meet a bar girl unfortunately i had sex with her with out condom once,after having the sex i took 48hours ant-HIV prevention drugs, then i had the sex with her on September 4. i went for hiv test the same september it was negative, i did another hiv test on october it was negative, and november 4 i did again another test in two clinic all came out negative,which it total of 64 days after having unprotected sex with her. but the worst of it all the lady i had sex with i called her to meet me in the clinic i have hot body,cold and itching inside my vain, after i had a dream when i am talking about Hiv- aids with my mom and friends, so i remembered i had sex with her.unprotected. so i have to visit the doctor, then after she was test positive OMG. i was so shock even up to this moment, since i dont have any of this hiv symptom, such a rash,cough, headache,sore throat, high fever, my fever tested was 37c. but the doctor said i have low white blood cell. that i have Dengue, then i was treated after two days my white blood cell is normal again, but how come my partner is positive they did her all kinds of Hiv test, Elisa,RNA seros all came out positives. so i calculate from the date we had sex up to 62 days i am still negative, can it be the hiv prevention drugs did it or the virus it not yet in my blood or i cant contact it with once having sex with her. at september i had urine infection came out positive, ask the doctor to include the Hiv test on it, i treated it then did another test came out negative, on December 25th i carried out another test it came out negative again. what is my faith? i did two P24 ant-gen test two first was carried out negative. the second after 16days as precribe by the Lab technician. but i am still nervous. i want to know how many days or month can one contact hiv after having unprotected sex, after the treatment of dengue now. i have ask the laboratory test of hepatitis A,B,C.. including jaundice. all STD infection test gonorrhea,syphilis all negative but still afraid, today,17 November i started having swollen gland, itching skin,headach, no flu,i skin allergy and shaving, neck pain fever,cold, could this be the symptoms? because i did endoscopy, i am treating H.pilori infection, and i read about the drug reaction. could it be i am infected or what? want an advices urgently please

January 29, 2014 - 3:17am
Guide (reply to Anonymous)

Hello Anonymous,

It is apparent from your post that you are highly anxious about this whole experience, and understandably so.

It is also apparent that you have other health issues that are being treated.
Your primary care physician is your best resource to counsel you. Your doctor know your medical history, has all the test results, and the knowledge to assess your symptoms and make a diagnosis.

I would like to point out that a person infected with HIV may not show symptoms for many years. Here is the link to the website of AIDS Healthcare Foundation http://www.aidshealth.org/learn-about-it?gclid=CMvyv5aRpLwCFZTm7AodCk4A8w

I hope you find information and get the answers you are looking for.


January 29, 2014 - 12:45pm

I've taken over 300 tests and none of them are accurate

October 23, 2013 - 4:36pm
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