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The Benefits of Green Tea

By Expert HERWriter
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For years, people have talked about the health benefits surrounding green tea. Usually drank as a tea, or swallowed in a capsule, the most active ingredient is known as epigallocatechin gallate, or EGCG. According to research, green tea has the following benefits that may have you talking to your health care provider about including it in your diet:

1. EGCG is a powerful overall antioxidant.
2. It may be useful for arthritis, as it inhibits IL-1 and NF kappa beta, which are inflammatory to the body.

3. It might help the fight with cancer through its ability to induce cell death or stop cancer proliferation.
4. Drinking it regularly may protect against liver disease.
5. When used in skin cream, it may help dermatologic problems like rosacea for its anti-inflammatory effect.
6. When given to mice, it slowed the growth of uterine fibroids. Maybe it would work for human women too?
7. It can help reduce excess testosterone that causes cystic acne or hair growth (hirsuitism).
8. It might help lower the bad cholesterol, LDL.
9. It might also help lower blood pressure.
10. It is considered an anti-aging antioxidant.

Be aware that green tea often has caffeine in it, which can help with energy but might be too stimulating for some people. As a capsule, the typical recommended dose is 250-500mg per day, but talk with a health care provider who is familiar with natural supplements. Overall, green tea packs one powerful punch and can really be beneficial to your health in the long term!

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Reviewed June15, 2011
Edited by Alison Stanton

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