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Cancer Drugs, How Can Patients Ensure They Are Receiving Them At The Correct Time? - Dr. Block (VIDEO)

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Dr. Block explains how patients can ensure they are receiving their cancer drugs at the correct time.

Dr. Block:
So, you don’t know whether your doctor is giving you your cancer drugs at the right time. In fact, most of the time, it’s just random. Whatever time of day you fit into a physician’s schedule is the time that you’ll get the drugs. When in fact, what we know with various drugs is that there’s a more optimal window either early in the morning for some drugs late afternoon, even some drugs in the middle of the night is the best time for those drugs to take place.

You would have to actually develop a center that has the right technology and a trained staff to really be able to provide these drugs at the optimal timing. And then you have to go to the medical literature, as we have done, and set up systems for every type of chemotherapy protocol with every type of disease. And then when you match that the only issue really is, is to have the right kinds of pumps that allow you to administer or infuse the drugs based on computer chips.

Basically it’s an analogy that allows us to time the drugs and so a patient can wear their fanny pack. We have patients who walk along the lake in Evanston while their drugs are running. We have others who have actually roller bladed or exercise while their drugs are running. So it creates completely different image of what’s possible for chemotherapy.

Most importantly, it mitigates toxicity substantially and the evidence is, is that, done right, it can boost the effectiveness of drugs as well.

About Dr. Block, M.D.:
Dr. Keith I. Block, M.D., along with his wife Penny Block, M.A., Ph.D., founded the Block Center for Integrative Cancer Treatment in 1980, with a focus on treating the patient as a whole person rather than simply treating the diagnosis. They developed a unique and truly integrative approach to cancer treatment which encompasses traditional and complementary medicine delivered in a caring environment.

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