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Cancer Patients, Is It Too Late For Them To Develop Healthy Lifestyles? - Dr. Block (VIDEO)

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Dr. Block explains if it is too late to develop a healthy lifestyle once diagnosed with cancer.

Dr. Block
No, actually. Even though it would be far better for all of us to start eating healthy, exercising more, working more on our mind and spirit, it’s not impossible once a disease is diagnosed to change the environment and to change the biology of the disease itself and to start to turn it around. Even simple interventions like walking for breast cancer patients three to five hours a week, is enough to actually cut their mortality in half.

There’s a tremendous amount of good, solid science that really suggests that if you change the membrane of the cell in your body that every one of these cells has a basketball skin membrane and the fats in that membrane actually dictate whether you will be pro-inflammatory or anti-inflammatory. So what you ate the last 90 days is actually dictating how your biology is.

So it’s not at all impossible to understand that patients who choose to eat better fats, that choose to eat, you know, a diet in whole cereal grains, vegetables, legumes, fruits, nuts, seeds, better quality oils, cold water fish if you’re going to chose animal products, to really get the right fats in the membrane and that’s going to provide a basis for a healthier biology.

About Dr. Block, M.D.:
Dr. Keith I. Block, M.D., along with his wife Penny Block, M.A., Ph.D., founded the Block Center for Integrative Cancer Treatment in 1980, with a focus on treating the patient as a whole person rather than simply treating the diagnosis. They developed a unique and truly integrative approach to cancer treatment which encompasses traditional and complementary medicine delivered in a caring environment.

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