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How Are You Able To Work Where Patients Are Dying? - Dr. Chap (VIDEO)

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Dr. Chap explains how she is able to work in a field where some of her patients die.

Dr. Chap:
There are so many things in that regard. Patients often say, “How do you do this? It must be so depressing,” and my comeback typically is, “Well, I have so many patients that do well.” If a majority of my patients didn’t do well, it could be pretty hard. For example, I saw a patient today who comes down several hours to be treated at the facility, and she was told almost three years ago that really there was nothing else to do and to get things into order, and I saw her today doing extremely well. So, the gratification that that brings truly makes everything worthwhile.

About Dr. Linnea Chap, M.D.:
Linnea Chap, M.D., is a medical oncologist with an interest in breast cancer treatment. She has been published multiple times and has led several breast and ovarian cancer treatment protocols, including the pioneering use of novel biologic agents such as Herceptin and Avastin. In 2001, Dr. Chap was named, one of “America’s Top Breast Cancer Doctors” by Redbook. Annually, she has also been listed as one of “America’s Top Doctors for Cancer,” published by Michael Connelly. Recognized for her teaching and speaking skills, Dr. Chap has a national reputation where she is frequently called on to speak on the most recent advances in breast cancer treatment.

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