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My neighbour has Paranoid Schizophrenia what can i do to stay safe?

By Anonymous June 19, 2009 - 10:58am
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My neighbour with Paranoid Schizophrenia has been threatening me through verbal abuse. He believes that I am making too much noise in my unit above him. I am not making much noise except for those that may be associated with everyday living. I think that he is having delusions and is hearing the noises that aren't there. what can I d to stay safe, and is this common?

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EmpowHER Guest

We live in an apartment complex where is a double dangerous situation. One she confess and her behavior is of a person with a diagnosis of Paranoid Schizophrenia. Her acting out go from 0 To whoa for any reason, we have to be invisible and takes the threats of her relatives, and her absolutely disgusting husband he is a wife beater. Yes, to the mentally ill person. This is extremely dangerous the police has come several times, the man retaliate in whomever call the police. My son and have asthma the woman who is ill smokes 24/7 and that smoke goes in our unit. I have spoke to the police explain in detail the situation, the landlord knows but nothing changes. Our 11 year old dog also suffer the second hand smoke, she becomes fearful as she the woman escalate and deescalate when the abusive husband abuse her, or talks to her as if he is a professional of mental health. WE are not moving, sometimes I feel as if she does things to, terrorize the neighbors, so far many people has pass from my apartment and live due to that unstable exploiter men and woman dynamics. We avoid them all the time, wear ear plugs at at sometimes I have raised my voice to say STOP NOW!, works yes, but makes so unhappy and I feel as I need to report this situation to NAMI or a Domestic Violence Center. PLEASE HELP US!

January 10, 2017 - 6:36pm
EmpowHER Guest

In response to the entry from November 5th,2015:

1) Call the police every time he acts out or makes a threat
2) Keep a notebook log of his behaviors toward yourself AND others. Note the Date, Time and any other witnesses.
3) Are you renting? Is he? Can you complain to the landlord? Does his wife own the property? If so, is she "safe" to talk to about this?
4) Install REAL video coverage if you can, check your local regulations first.
5) Talk to the Police about any kind of "Harassment" charges you can file. Make sure you find out if it's a "criminal offense" charge(which means the District Attorney is representing you) vs a "civil offense" (Which means that you very likely would need to go to court, would probably need to hire an attorney for $250+/hr and retainer fee up front and you could lose and pay not only your attorney, but probably his attorney fees also, I know this first hand from what I went through with my problem neighbor so we went with the police, DA's office and let it proceed through the criminal court, but then again, he assaulted me, I had witnesses).
6) Since your wife is disabled, that's possibly in your favor that you may be more easily able to get some sort of protective order since you are her caretaker.
7) You said he tried to strangle you, did you call the police? Did you have witnesses? if not ALWAYS call the police with that sort of thing. If he did try to strangle you, he's an idiot - I wish my neighbor had tried that because that's a very easy thing to physically get out of and the strangler has no idea how much damage you can inflict on them when they are stupid enough to place both of their hands around your throat in front of you or from behind with an arm around your neck. Seriously, stupid on their part.
8) Do you know your other neighbors? if not, get to know them.
9) Have any of your neighbors had problems with this guy? If so, you should all keep in communication and watch each other's backs on this issue.
10) Dirtbags with a history of trouble with the law unfortunately get a free court appointed attorney every time they have a "criminal"(not civil) charge against them, and every time they are getting extensive free coaching on the letter of the local/state laws and often know the laws as well as (and sometimes) better than the police/sheriff and dirtbags know just how far they can push to the line of the law, and how to manipulate in their favor. So, keep note of that, when you make notes on your dirtbag's behavior, and he(or his attorney) claim mental illness, have any notes you can(and share this with the police) on your observations on how this person did any sort of pre-planning his moves before he made them, such as noting that he scoped out the area prior to acting just to make sure there are no other witnesses.
11) Be Proactive
12) Be Proactive
13) Be Proactive

Good Luck

November 5, 2015 - 8:38pm
EmpowHER Guest

I live in a 10 unit 55 and older condominium building. 2 years ago women moved in whom is a self admitted paranoid schizophrenic.she makes accusations that people are going into her unit and stealing papers and money. last week she called the police because the name tag on her mail box came off. she thought someone was tampering with it. it was held on with tape.she goes from 0 to screaming in about 2 seconds when you try to reason with her.any time work is being done on the building she confronts the workers and starts yelling at them.i think she has a grown son but he never comes around.we think that her mother bought her the unit to get her out of the house. during one of her episodes she mentioned "the institution".so we think she was committed at one point.she posts ridiculous notes on the building peg board that look like a 2 year old wrote it.big loopy letters with broken thoughts from her mind. i wish she would move!

January 18, 2015 - 10:24am
EmpowHER Guest

This is what living with the disease I have is like: Living with disease like this is more like being followed around by people trying to incite you to do their bidding, trying to frame you for crimes, trying to blackmail you, trying to put you in situation like if you did get involved with a woman it would be someone covering up they were having an affair. It is like having every con person wanting to sue someone when you are working targeting you to setup a slip and fall accident so that they can later have a team of people drive you into psychosis for a slip and fall lawsuit. It is like having everyone hate you because of the suspision that all the frames cause and you say what the heck it doesn't matter what I do this is my fate. It is like if someone does something wrong they know they can peg it on you because you can't testify against them. They know people can bully you and if they can incite you to do something they get away with it. They know that everyone will sexually be frightened of you because of the stigma and they use that against you so they follow you around with titles other than mentally ill so they can have your jobs at the offices. If you notice about these people in these articles there is never any writing about what people did to them. Everyone follows around these people and stalks them to take blame for their pregnancies, their cheating, their stealing, their crimes, their discriminatory tactics, their lawsuites and get rich quick schemes. You only get a job when the boss feels he has to hire you cause he is in a lawsuit with a person you are filling in for for discrimination and believe me they want to make an example of you and discredit you. You have no right to testify and they treat you just as bad in prison to I am sure and most are probably framed or incited into doing the crimes they are convicted.

June 22, 2014 - 1:49am

I have a similar problem as you. He's maybe 60 years old, William Barry (or at least that's one of his pseudonyms) lives at the end of Mavus Road in Old Tappan on the edge of the golf course. I frequently walk up the road along the edge of the course and he thinks I'm violating his property if I so much as walk by it and pick up a ball on the edge of the course. His home is dozens of feet from the edge of the course and clearly does not own the land up to a couple feet from the green! He has threatened me twice over the course of several years and thinks I'm out to abduct or rape or somehow Do Something to his Dog! His dog is well Away from the course and I've only glimpsed the cute pooch once. He's a threatening nutcase though and, if I'm not mistaken, telephones his (like-minded?) neighbors who live along the same course periphery to "warn" them of my approach, and they sometimes go out into their yards to "watch" for me?

The nature of this town has Changed as have the neighbors. The new ones are extremely pretentious and attention/status seekers. Conservative types who probably still fear the "Reds under the beds"
and a communist take-over of the government. That sort of thing. I think this is an outgrowth of the Mafia mentality in my neck of the woods. I've walked the same course, on and off, for 40 odd years since I was a tot but never before came across such a disruptive, verbally-abusive madman.

April 14, 2014 - 11:17am
EmpowHER Guest

Normal hysteria for a blog like this? Haha, I am adult paranoid schizophrenic, and I am with ability to collect University Credits, without a delusion belief other than, the normal will not harm me. Risk or Threat am I? Good Question. I know the grand answer, but merely I am a mouse with enlarged ventricles. Now who is the threat, possible those experimental doctors that come from the normalcy of every average joe, but they are not average, they are educated, and some care for us, others like priests molest. I know Risk Assessment and Threat Management, and I focus on those of you that endanger my life with insult, ridicule, and fantastic great distaste, so really, you are afraid of us, we are afraid of people like you. Do us a favour, let us grow, and don't do what they did to the mentally retarded with sterilization, because you may want to warrant a lobotomy that once was, thank god there are kooks like you, or you would make us normal.

November 12, 2013 - 4:24pm
EmpowHER Guest
Anonymous (reply to Anonymous)

I have a WHOLE family of 3 who is either bipolar or schizophrenic, since they moved here about a year and a half ago, it's been HELL! My neighbor that lives under me, from day one, started having sex with nothing on in her apartment to drown out the noise. Even when I try, she would get louder with her kids being in the next room. Her two kids have different fathers so she makes her 20 year old daughter have sex with her 15 year old brothers' father. However, that didn't last for long because I put my foot down and told them, if I hear it, that I was calling the police.
They started talking to me through the ceiling. Remember sound goes up. At first, I thought that I was hearing things, until the 15 year yelled up and said to me, "Bitch, turn the TV down"! You know it took everything I had to keep me off of him. However, I blame his mother because she doesn't like me because I could see right through her low voice and fake smile. Okay, if your sick, then seek professional help but don't think because you have a reputation for doing crazy things that somebody may be just as crazy as you! I can't make excuses for people who are just sheer EVIL. It looks like you don't have a problem things of ways to hurt others!

May 19, 2017 - 5:51pm
EmpowHER Guest
Anonymous (reply to Anonymous)

I appreciate your comments because I do not what else to do. But looking from my view point I would like your advice. I have a neighbour from last 25 years. He was married with children and was always moody, some days he will respond to my greeting and some days he would not respond. some 10-12 years ago his wife knocked on my door and looked distressed and requested me to let me use the phone to call police, which I let her do, my wife and daughter was home as well at the time. I do not know or did not get involved further. she eventually left him and lived at different address, which was provided to her by her husbands sister.
Then abuse against me started after six months, accusing me of having affair with his wife (totally false accusation) in front of my wife and daughter at the time only a teenager. I remained tolerant as I was supported by my family who know and believe me. Since then I have been periodically harassed in different ways from throwing things through the letter box to attempt to strangle me. We live in the block of flats and we both are leaseholders, his wife having a stake in it too but would not sell it despite separated for 10-12 years. the flats are facing each other with about 2-3 meters between the doors.
Recently he accused me of assault and robbery. I work hard to support my disabled wife and my job involves police clearance. this was a serious allegation and have just got away by a whisker as he made a mistake in his statement which determined that the statement was false, He has been warned in past and he remains quite for the period of time and starts again with a new concept. I work hard, look after my disabled wife and a little dog, I do not have time for the games he plays and he gets better every time, he nearly threw me in the jail. I am worried that what would happen to the disabled wife if I were to be locked up, she is shaken up but we cant do anything, he claims insanity and can play the system.
Hoping I would some day able to have peace, I am a law abiding citizen, have sympathy for his condition, cant talk to him as reasoning with him is not on table, and I am stuck as I cant afford to move house. Any help????

November 5, 2015 - 4:12pm
EmpowHER Guest

Hi, We(my Wife and I) have been having problems with a paranoid neighbor for about 1.5 years now that has escalated to a physical attack recently.
If the person seems dangerous, then, they are. Listen to the hairs on the back of your neck. Most "crazy" people are not dangerous or threatening, they're just crazy. However, paranoid people (with or without schizophrenia) often can be quite violent and disruptive to your life. When they become a threat, throw compassion out the window and be proactive or you'll just be tip-toeing around them and they'll be free to impinge on you and your life as long as you let them. Only when you put some legal teeth into their butts will they behave themselves. Sorry if that offends anyone, but I'll bet that anyone offended by this has not lived near a truly aggressive paranoid delusional and hallucinating person who hears "your" voice and then gets mad at you about what you "said" and/or "did" in their heads and targets you and possibly(likely) others as well.
What you need to do:
1) Know all the neighbors you can, just don't be a pain to them.
2) Find out if other neighbors have had problems with that person. If you have a landlord or whatever, let them know and/or ask them about the person.
3) Keep detailed notes on this person with time, dates, what happened and very important to list witnesses if there are any.
4) You and your neighbors need to call the police when your neighbor becomes threatening, GET A CALL REPORT NUMBER from the police. Keep that call report number listed on your notes about that person for that event. If you don't document things, then legally they didn't happen. When and if it goes to court, you'll be better off if you have information and look organized and high functioning.
5) If needed, file a " Non-Stalking Order"(many states a "restraining order" is only valid on family members, spouses, ex-spouses, domestic/sex partners).
6) If you own your house, install a video surveillance system, and get a REAL one, not a fake, a fake video camera can't be your friend in court. Learn how to use it, play with it for at least a week before you install it.
7) Don't go talking to that person when you absolutely don't need to. When they make accusations and you try to explain what "really" is happening or not-happening, they'll predictably just get mad and accuse you of denying what they think (delusionally or hallucination) you did and accuse you of "backpedalling". This only empowers them in their mind.
8) Avoid interactions or even looking at them, the more you are in their awareness, the more you'll become involved in their delusional process in a negative way.
9) Unfortunately, it will likely in many cases require some sort of physical attack on you or your property before the police can put charges on them. Be ready for it, seriously, learn to physically defend yourself - You'll be glad you did and you'll increase your chances of coming out unscathed, less damaged and/or alive.
10) Don't just call "your friend the cop", it won't be official and all they can do is the occassional random drive-by which may not do any good. You can call "your friend the cop" but make sure you and your neighbors call "THE" cops with a formal complaint of a threatening, scary or actual event.
11) Go to the Police or Sherriff's Dept and ask for a police history on that person, you may find some good useful information you can use in court.
Good Luck

March 15, 2013 - 7:33pm
EmpowHER Guest
Anonymous (reply to Anonymous)

This is so true what you have wrote. I know because I live with a very demented relative that is paranoid to the extreme. I sometimes even wonder is he faking paranoia? I can tell you this much. Neighbors do need to be cautious around this sick people as they are very unpredictable and dangerous. More to people then themselves. When living around them watch over your children, loved ones and pets. It's a nightmare to live with someone that's that insane.

September 17, 2015 - 5:40am
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