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Eating Healthy With No Results: What Can Be Done? - Chef Susan Irby

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The Bikini Chef Susan Irby explains what a woman can do who is eating healthfully, but not seeing desired weight loss results.

Chef Susan Irby:
You know, if you are eating less and you don’t feel like you are losing weight or you are not seeing the pounds fall off, generally in my experience it is because you are not being consistent with what you are eating.

So maybe you are eating less but what are you eating less of also. So if you are eating fewer French fries or fewer tortilla chips with guacamole, if you are eating, or even chips with salsa when you go out with friends, maybe you are eating fewer of those, but we need to substitute those with more healthy ingredients.

So let’s say you are out at a Mexican restaurant and everyone is ordering, you know, you’ve got three baskets of chips and salsa there. Have a few of those, but then ask if they can bring some fresh slices of celery, maybe some freshly sliced radishes, the broccoli, you know raw broccoli, raw cauliflower that’s true but I mean, those actually aren’t my favorite for snacking but I like the celery and I like, radishes are great. If you haven’t tried them at the snack they are phenomenal, but dip those in the salsa instead, have them bringing, you know what, you run out; ask for more. I mean celery is not that expensive even at home. So you can imagine what it costs them for a restaurant.

So don’t feel, again, don’t be shy to ask for the healthier foods and also, you have to be consistent with these healthy choices. So let’s say that you are just getting started on eating more healthy and you are doing great. You have your grilled chicken breast for dinner. You have some non-fat yogurt with bran cereal and a little bit of honey in the morning for breakfast, which is one of my favorite breakfasts, and you do that, but then for lunch you have a salad that has one of those high-fat creamy dressings on it, like a ranch or a blue cheese dressing.

You need to get away from the high-fat blue cheese dressing. Go for some balsamic vinegar and lemon juice. You don’t even really need the olive oil. Sure it’s great, but have you ever tried it? Add some freshly ground pepper, fresh ground pepper on there and get that lemon juice going with the balsamic vinegar you are going to love it, but the key is to be consistent.

Don’t go home and if you are watching television you have dinner. A lot of times what I find, and this is in my… I have done it all, okay? So you can trust I know what I am talking about.

So I started out eating healthy and I have kind of gauged and I have had a really nice healthy dinner, I had some lean fish and grilled veggies for dinner and then I am watching “American Idol”, “Dancing with the Stars” and then I got the “Glee” going and it’s late and I am up and then I want to stay up and watch Conan and Jay fight it out as they used to do on the tonight shows and all that, the late shows. Well you are going to get hungry again, and another thing if you are eating less but you are not losing weight, are you eating late at nights, and what are you eating late at night?

You have done great all day long. It’s really easy to blow your whole day and your whole diet on ice cream, cookies, those chips we were talking about, so until you kind of like get yourself accustomed to eating more healthy and just, you need to follow a couple of rules.

First, stay out of the kitchen late at night. Don’t even go in there. You want some water, get it somewhere else; don’t go in the kitchen. Don’t be tempted.

And two, don’t even buy those foods. Just keep them out of the house, and if you have a husband and kids that eat those kind of things well, buy the lower fat versions and get them on the program.

About Chef Susan Irby:
With her mother’s teachings in her heart, Susan’s passion for cooking took hold. Soon, Susan began working in premiere International restaurants under Master Chefs in Florence, Italy and France. Returning to the United States, Chef Susan began teaching cooking classes for gourmet markets and culinary schools such as Gelson’s, Whole Foods, Chef’s Inc, and Sur La Table as well as preparing dishes for the Women Chefs & Restaurateurs Organization, Young President’s Organization, World President’s Organization, Bloomingdales, Los Angeles Unified School District Nutrition in the Schools program, and Saddleback Valley College, among others.

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