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Taste Buds: How Will They Change When I Start Eating Healthy? - Chef Susan Irby

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The Bikini Chef Susan Irby describes how the taste buds change when a woman begins to eat healthier meals and how can she eat healthy when out at restaurants.

Chef Susan Irby:
One thing that happens you will find when you start eating healthier and lighter dishes or maybe going for that non-fat yogurt, non-fat mayonnaise and getting the flavors in with the herbs and everything, you are going to actually wake up your taste buds because your taste buds are being bogged down with too much fat and I mean, think about it. Let’s say that you have, I mean I’m all for hamburgers every now and then but let’s say that you have this full-fat fast food burger because you are working; you are busy; you are on the go and it’s quick to just pull in there, right?

No. You take a bite at that; you eat the whole thing, maybe it comes with some fries. You feel like you have led in your stomach and you feel bogged down – don’t do that. Even run into like a supermarket.

Now a days they have these daily sandwiches ready to go. Get some lean turkey and take the bread off if you want. Turn it into like a lettuce leaf wrap, you know, I love doing that and once you start eating lighter, leaner foods you’ll find that your body doesn’t want those fattening foods anymore and then when you do eat them on the rare occasion, honestly for me, they make me sick in a way, you know?

It’s like not so totally sick, but I don’t feel good and yeah, so your body over … and not even over a long period of time, in a pretty short period of time. Let’s say you start eating more healthy for a month, you are already… the next time you go for like that full fat food, lots of cheese and full fat cheeses or creamy dressings, you know what, try eating healthy for a while and then go for a regular full fat fettuccine alfredo. You won’t like it. Yeah, you won’t be able to eat it or it just won’t taste it and it won’t feel good in your stomach.

Women, men, everybody – we are all on the go; we are working; we are busy and you go out to, you have either a client lunch or a client meeting and they are at restaurants. So ways that you can shave off calories is look for the leaner items.

More restaurants now have those on their menus but even so, you hear it a lot but a lot of people don’t always do it. So either order the salad dressing on the side, that’s always a good one, or if it’s, let’s say it’s a Caesar salad, definitely order the salad dressing on the side because a lot of times it’s just coated with the dressing and you don’t need that much dressing.

Let’s say it’s a creamy dressing – just ask for something else. If it comes tossed in with it then order something else. You know what’s even better than that just don’t even go for the traditional salad. Order some grilled vegetables. Grilled vegetables in most restaurants will help you out now-a-days. They are used to people coming in and asking for special things or if there is a certain dish on the menu that sounds appetizing to you, ask for the sauce on the side and ask if the vegetables can be grilled.

I personally love steamed vegetables, but if you are not used to eating them all the time they may be kind of lacking in flavor for you so go for grilled vegetables. Grilling adds a ton of flavor but no extra calories.

So those are easy tips that you can do at your meetings or out to lunch with friends or family and also, don’t let people pressure you into eating the fattening foods or let’s say, they know that you are trying to get healthy, even our best friends and family, they say they want the best for you but they often have other intentions when you are out together because they don’t want to feel bad for eating the fattening foods that they want to eat. So they want you to join in with them.

You are going to have to exercise some discipline. Just say, “No, these are my choices, you know, and this tastes good,” and maybe get them on a bandwagon, you know, “Here, have a bite; see how good this is,” but don’t let them sabotage your healthy goals.

About Chef Susan Irby:
With her mother’s teachings in her heart, Susan’s passion for cooking took hold. Soon, Susan began working in premiere International restaurants under Master Chefs in Florence, Italy and France. Returning to the United States, Chef Susan began teaching cooking classes for gourmet markets and culinary schools such as Gelson’s, Whole Foods, Chef’s Inc, and Sur La Table as well as preparing dishes for the Women Chefs & Restaurateurs Organization, Young President’s Organization, World President’s Organization, Bloomingdales, Los Angeles Unified School District Nutrition in the Schools program, and Saddleback Valley College, among others.

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