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Chemotherapy And Radiation: How Can I Revive My Healthy Hair After Treatment?

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Isabel Calleros shares ways to revive your hair after chemotherapy and radiation treatments.

Isabel Calleros:
After chemotherapy and radiation you are going to find that your hair is going to start to grow back.

Depending on the drugs that you are given during your chemotherapy or the amount of radiation it can start growing back as quick as two weeks to two months, all right?

Now, once that hair starts to grow back it may not be the same hair that you started with.

So if you started with straight hair it may come back a little wavy or curly. If you started with blonde hair it may come brown or black – we don’t know the effects of the drugs.

The effects of radiation takes effect on the follicle, okay? Those are things that can change, doesn’t matter, be happy you got hair.

I had one woman tell me, I don’t care if it comes back blonde, and she was African-American. She says, as long as I have hair.

So how do we maintain that hair? It’s going to be a different texture more of the time. It may be softer.

Generally, we want to condition the hair. We want to feed the hair nutrients. So keep up with your vitamins.

Vitamins are very important, especially for that carotene protein. Use what’s called the vitamin A, C and E or what we call ACE vitamins and you can find that with your local drug stores, you can find that with your health food stores.

There are even products put out by the natural skin care companies and hair care companies that are geared towards the cancer patients that have specific nutrients in it for hair after cancer or skin after cancer.

Ask your hairdresser. If you are not sure go online, there’s plenty on there, but the vitamins is really important and the nutrients.

You are going to be on a different diet anyway. So keep that in mind.

You can also condition the hair, again, with your natural products, with your natural ingredients – olive oil, mayonnaise.

And if you get really, really, really daring we used to use stale beer. It works beautiful to keep your hair soft and it gives that lust back to the hair.

About Isabel Calleros:
Isabel Calleros has dedicated over 30 years to education in aesthetics and permanent makeup for both cosmetic and breast repigmentation for breast cancer recovery. As a voice for the breast cancer survivor, Mrs. Calleros wants to provide each and every woman the opportunity to know and understand their choices as they regain their femininity, womanhood and self beauty.

Isabel is a facilitator for the Look Good…Feel Better program through the American Cancer Society. She has volunteered her time at the Arizona Cancer Center in Tucson, Arizona, through the Women’s Cancer Support Group, along with participating on in the 2009 Breast Cancer Wellness Cruise for breast cancer survivors.

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February 7, 2013 - 4:15am
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