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Chemotherapy And Radiation: How Should I Care For My Nails Before Treatment?

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Isabel Calleros shares how you can care for your nails before chemotherapy and radiation treatments.

Isabel Calleros:
All right, for all you divas out there we are going to talk about nail care, okay, and I call you divas because anybody that wears artificial nails we are divas, all right?

So what I recommend to you on a serious note is before you start chemotherapy and radiation take off your artificial nails, okay?

Your nail bed needs to breathe and with artificial tips even the gels, even the fiberglass that they put on the nails, it’s occluding the nailbed.

There’s a couple of things that you are going to find out when you are going through chemotherapy or radiation and the changes that your nails that we will talk in a different clip, that you are going to say, yeah, I should have listened to Isabel and take off those artificial nails. Let the nails breathe.

Now what’s going to happen is I want you to do your gelatin dips before you start chemotherapy. And this is a trick that we used to do back in the day with nails before we had all of the technology.

You go to your grocery store and you just buy plain gelatin. You mix it up and you do what we call a gelatin dip.

So while you are watching your Lifetime movie, you just dip your fingers into the gelatin for a good 20 minutes and what that gelatin does, it’s a protein, that gelatin is a natural protein.

It begins to build up the integrity of the skin, especially for those of you divas that wore the artificial nails for the last 10-15 years, okay?

About Isabel Calleros:
Isabel Calleros has dedicated over 30 years to education in aesthetics and permanent makeup for both cosmetic and breast repigmentation for breast cancer recovery. As a voice for the breast cancer survivor, Mrs. Calleros wants to provide each and every woman the opportunity to know and understand their choices as they regain their femininity, womanhood and self beauty.

Isabel is a facilitator for the Look Good…Feel Better program through the American Cancer Society. She has volunteered her time at the Arizona Cancer Center in Tucson, Arizona, through the Women’s Cancer Support Group, along with participating on in the 2009 Breast Cancer Wellness Cruise for breast cancer survivors.

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