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Chemotherapy: How Can I Promote Healthy Hair Before Beginning Treatment?

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Isabel Calleros explains how you can promote healthy hair before chemotherapy.

Isabel Calleros:
All right, it’s important before you start your chemotherapy or your radiation that you consider your hair care, all right?

So if you are tinting your hair, if you are bleaching your hair, highlighting your hair before your treatments make sure that you get a good conditioning treatment.

This is something that you want to do on a regular basis. The treatments that you are going to receive of chemotherapy and radiation, are going to naturally dry out your hair.

So some of the things that you can do would be A, go to your stylist and get a good conditioning treatment or get a homecare product.

B, you can also use things that you have in your cupboard. You can use olive oil, although olive oil is a great conditioning treatment you are going to have to really shampoo it out.

B, you can use mayonnaise. Mayonnaise is used a lot and these are things that are natural remedies that we used to do back in the day in beauty school.

I did have a client at one point in my career that was going to be going through chemotherapy and she had bleached hair, she had highlights in her hair.

And so some of the things that I suggested that she do prior to her treatment was to go ahead and start a daily routine of conditioning her hair.

It’s something that she wasn’t accustomed to. She would do it once a week or once when she went to her hairdresser.

And so what I suggested that she would do since she cleansed her hair everyday was to stop cleansing every day, stop washing it every day and do it every two or three days, okay?

Let those natural oils build up on your hair because that’s going to keep your hair lubricated, all right?

Second thing that you can do is use a conditioner that is made for dry hair, even though you don’t bleach your hair, even though you don’t tint your hair, use something that’s for dry hairs.

So take a look at some of the labels, make sure that you are not getting something with a lot of artificial ingredients.

Some of the things that you want to look out for are fragrances. Fragrances that you are going to be very sensitive to smell once you start your chemotherapy and your radiation.

So don’t get any of the types of products that may have a lot of fragrance in them. Look for your more natural products and those you can find online, you can go to your stylist, a lot of people are going green so use those, look for the labels, look at the ingredients stay away from parabens that are in the ingredients as well.

About Isabel Calleros:
Isabel Calleros has dedicated over 30 years to education in aesthetics and permanent makeup for both cosmetic and breast repigmentation for breast cancer recovery. As a voice for the breast cancer survivor, Mrs. Calleros wants to provide each and every woman the opportunity to know and understand their choices as they regain their femininity, womanhood and self beauty.

Isabel is a facilitator for the Look Good…Feel Better program through the American Cancer Society. She has volunteered her time at the Arizona Cancer Center in Tucson, Arizona, through the Women’s Cancer Support Group, along with participating on in the 2009 Breast Cancer Wellness Cruise for breast cancer survivors.

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