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Christina Shares How Her Hormone Imbalance Affected Her Hair (VIDEO)

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Christina Shares How Her Hormone Imbalance Affected Her Hair (VIDEO)
Christina Shares How Her Hormone Imbalance Affected Her Hair (VIDEO)
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Christina explains how imbalances in her hormones caused her to lose her hair.

I actually have almost completely lost my hair. I have actually gotten the thinning phase of someone that’s going through menopause maybe in their 80s, but I have actually, and that’s actually almost like a male pattern baldness, if not worse, and then different patches. And then I did not realize probably just till recently when they did the biopsy. It took me five or six years to do biopsy and tell me I had androgenic alopecia because of hormone deficiency. So by being, by trade I am a hairdresser. By doing that, you now, I am at least focused and able to make design wigs, but a lot of women don’t realize how badly that affects your hair.

By being a hairdresser, you know, that’s one thing that we pride on is our hair, and a woman, her hair is her crown of glory. So when you lose your crown of glory, your self-esteem goes even worst down the drain. So bad enough that I had the hysterectomy. Now I got to be losing my hair, and I didn’t have kids, and I am like, what’s going on here?

And year by year my hair’s gotten a little bit thinner, a little bit thinner, a little bit thinner. And by being a hairdresser, I was so frustrated and so aggravated why I could not figure it out because I should have figured it out because I know hair and I know scalp and the skin; still couldn’t figure it out.

And so I had, till they did the biopsy and to figure out that it was the androgenic alopecia, and that a lot of it was caused with hormonal imbalance. They told me it was never going to change. It’s always going to be like that. I am like, I am sorry, what?

So the only thing that really got me through all of that, I was thinking, oh thank goodness, I can wear wigs and pieces. I am about to work these out, style them. And so, I mean, I have worn full wigs now probably for the past four years solid, you know, and just cannot go without it, but everybody knows me. I have got different styles and everything, so now I have just become just this, it’s just my trademark.

Everybody knows when they see, you know, Christie it’s like… that’s right, she has got a different style on today. So it’s just now I can laugh it off, but at first I didn’t want to tell anybody. I didn’t want anybody know I wore a wig. I was, you know, like, oh yeah, this is my hair, and it wasn’t but now I am like, no, this is a wig, and people are like, oh, let me tell you why because I have got androgenic alopecia.

So, and there is not a lot of information about that either. So I mean, that because it’s not, until you start connecting the dots, and I didn’t realize how much you can connect the dots actually until I got on to you guys’ website and that that realize how much you can actually… What, you mean if I just would get all this in balance everything else will probably fall together? I’d probably amazed if my system would actually get on track and if my hair would actually grow back. It will be very interesting to see.

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