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Christina Shares The Information She Found On EmpowHER (VIDEO)

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Christina Shares The Information She Found On EmpowHER (VIDEO)
Christina Shares The Information She Found On EmpowHER (VIDEO)
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Christina explains what she found helpful on www.EmpowHER.com.

Oh if anything, information and knowing especially, especially on my age range, or just, but I also learn things from women who are in their 40s, 50s, 60s. I have learned so much because when you are young, you know, like my age or even that, it’s any woman.

You do have these questions, well, what now? And you have these questions, am I less of a woman? And then it’s like your doctor does this procedure and like, but it’s not that they give you a handbook for it, and they are just like okay, well, here. You didn’t even tell, you know, you didn’t even give me any websites.

You know, yeah, I’ve got my technology. I have got my laptop right here, happened to have it in there. I am surprised they actually let me have it, and so I was on my laptop and I am at, Google is wonderful, you know, and it’s just information. I mean, it was great to hear other people’s stories. Read Michelle’s story, hear that, okay, so maybe if my hormones were actually straight I wouldn’t, or somewhat balanced, I wouldn’t have all these issues? You got to be kidding me. And that’s when I started going down… I have this book about, this notebook about this thick of everything that doctors started to tell me that’s wrong with me, from you’ve got androgenic alopecia, you’ve got this wrong, you’ve got this wrong.

And then when I was reading that, wait a minute, if I just have my hormones balanced of some sort, that still can be done, my whole life could change. And that’s where I am like, but there’s information out there. I was like, does anybody else know about this? I didn’t have or really know lot of people who, you know, who have hysterectomies or going through hormone changes at my age, and it’s not something you just go about and blurt about, but it’s something that I want to bring more awareness to, to women my age.

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