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Christina Shares If She Tried Taking Her Own Life After Her Hysterectomy (VIDEO)

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Christina Shares If She Tried Taking Her Own Life After Her Hysterectomy (VIDEO)
Christina Shares If She Tried Taking Her Own Life After Her Hysterectomy (VIDEO)
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Christina explains if the overdose on pills and wine following her hysterectomy was an attempt to take her own life.

At one point, yes I was, yeah. I just thought that, I didn’t feel welcome at home because all my siblings are, at least all my sisters, most of them have kids. They have families now. I have 15 nieces and nephews. So even when I go home, I kind of feel like I didn’t belong, but yet I am out here. I am alone and I don’t have any family and I am working, and then so I think I have that one time I was like, or even a couple of times I am like, oh, this is ridiculous. I am not going to go through this for the rest of my life. You know, what’s going to happen when I am 40, 50, what now?

And I think there was just that point, but when I actually get to the lowest point, I could just take all of these pills right now and all of this Tylenol, you know. It’s just even that glimpse of that, that little hope of you can do this, whether it’s me putting on my praise and worship, reading something, an encouraging word.

Something sparks you to keep going, and what really sparked in me is me mentoring young women, and I am thinking, oh, wait a minute, wait a minute, what am I doing? Because if I can, I can just imagine getting through this, and even see myself in a year or two, knowing all these resources how I can help somebody younger than me, even the girls that I am mentoring and it makes my… you don’t have a testimony without tests. There you go. That’s exactly what it is – you don’t. You do not have a testimony without tests, and that’s exactly what makes you stronger.

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