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Christina Shares How A Misdiagnosis Disrupted Her Life (VIDEO)

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Christina Shares How A Misdiagnosis Disrupted Her Life (VIDEO)
Christina Shares How A Misdiagnosis Disrupted Her Life (VIDEO)
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Christina recalls how the misdiagnosis of a mental disorder disrupted her life.

I felt like I wasted almost of a year of my life. You guys had me on these psyche medications, and I didn’t need to be on them. It will be a year actually next month that I have been off everything and actually feel a little bit better, but I am like, how can you miss that? How can you miss the signs, and that’s what scared me. It’s like nobody knew.

They are like, oh well, forget about, you know, whatever else went on with her. She is bipolar and we need to put her on all this, not realizing it’s the hormones. And I went off everything by my own choice, knowing just from my own women’s intuition like, no, I am not crazy. I am not bipolar. I never was. If I was, I would have been diagnosed when I was younger. There’s something wrong.

And that’s why I’m like I know it’s my hormones. Looking through the EmpowHer website, I am like no. I know this is not bipolar. This is my hormones, and so I consulted with my father, he is a chiropractor, and, you know, we both agreed I am going off all of these psyche meds. And they had me on probably like six different things. It didn’t even make sense.

And nobody had said, nobody had even spoken of it, and I am like how can I be in a hospital, you know, with these different doctors and people just think that you are automatically bipolar without really researching that? And it took me, you know, for the week and a half that I was there, and then to go through the EmpowHer website and to look on some other, I think I was on Mayo Clinic and a couple of other things, like this is not right, you know. I am like, this is a wrong diagnosis.

So I mean it was like, it was refreshing to me that I am like, you know, to trust my own intuition, to be like this - you know, it’s not that. But then it was also frustrating for them to just automatically label you, okay, you are bipolar. You are, you know, emotionally distraught. And that was never me.

I mean, I went through my whole life and I have never had any problems like that until, you know, probably until after my hysterectomy. If not before, probably the year before it really started because of all the pain and everything. So I knew something then was wrong.

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EmpowHER Guest

sorry...this is me (Christina) contact me at my onelife1976 account

October 20, 2009 - 3:02pm
EmpowHER Guest


you can contact me on my EmpowHer profile (onelife1976) or at
[email protected]

October 20, 2009 - 3:01pm
EmpowHER Guest

I'm not sure if there's a better way to contact Christina-- but I was curious to understand more how she realized it was the hormones. My mother seems bipolar and I feel like I have tendancies, but moreso I feel like my hormonal fluctuations are the source of my "moodiness" -ups and downs, irrational anxieties at times... but I honestly don't feel bipolar. I'm pretty confident I can trace the moods to temperature shifts/hormone shifts in my body correlated to other hormonal symptoms. Although I'm not so concerned about bipolarism, I am more concerned with identifying the hormonal irregularities and fixing them. Maybe she has some more ideas on this topic?

October 15, 2009 - 1:05pm
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