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How Can A Woman Set Appropriate Fitness Goals? - Fitness Instructor Scott Keppel (VIDEO)

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Fitness Instructor Scott Keppel shares how a woman can set appropriate fitness goals for herself and whether she should set long-term or short-term goals.

Fitness Instructor Scott Keppel:
When setting goals, and we all need them for whatever aspect of life. We all need to keep that in mind when we’re going for that last rep, “Why am I in the gym at 4:00 in the morning, 5:00 in the morning,” or “Why am I away from my family at this time or work,” or what have you. So setting a goal is extremely important.

It’s not only important to set a long-term goal but those short-term goal so you can measure it. Now everyone is a little different; some people should set a daily goal, especially those that are looking to start off because it’s hard. That’s why over 60% of our population is overweight, are obese, because if it was easy, that wouldn’t be the case. With the media bombarding us with this food, that food, this special diet, that special diet, you don’t know where to turn to. With exercise, I mean it’s working out, it’s called "working" for a reason and it’s not easy.

So, keeping that in mind, I would set a daily goal that "Okay, today my goal is to go to the gym and to be there for an hour, half an hour, whatever it may be. Today my goal is to not eat any junk food," and then that way you don’t set a weekly goal and you look back and you’re like, “Oh man, I only stuck true to my goals two days,” because then what happens is you get in this vicious cycle of beating yourself up.

So there has to be accountability to yourself too. So what I would recommend is one to three pounds of fat a week is an appropriate realistic goal to lose. Now there again, with shows out there, "The Biggest Loser," "Celebrity Fit Challenge," all these things where people are losing 12 to 15 pounds a week, that is not realistic for most people because they don’t have a trainer with them all the time. They’re not away from their family like these individuals are.

So a realistic goal is one to three pounds of fat a week, remembering that muscle weighs more than fat. So not scale weight; if you have never lifted before you’re going to start to build muscle, which will weigh more. So what I would do is take pictures of yourself, have those pictures posted somewhere so every morning you wake up, you look at them and you say, “I don’t want to go back to this place.”

I don’t think it’s as important to take pictures of someone else and say, “I want to look like her,” because that’s someone else, that’s not you. So just remember where you came from and then where you want to go, and set that long-term goal and then reward yourself, but don’t reward yourself with bad food. That doesn’t make sense. You lost five pounds so you’re going to go out and have a cheeseburger and a couple of beers.

Reward yourself by buying yourself that shirt that you wanted that shows your arms; shorts, maybe you don’t like your legs, whatever it is, but reward yourself with something that shows off your hard work as opposed to hinders the work that you did.

About Fitness Instructor Scott Keppel:
Scott Keppel has been part of the fitness industry for over 14 years. Now the proud owner of Scott's Training Systems, Scott has taken his vision to the next level. He is keeping true to his philosophy of empowering every client, so they can achieve not only their fitness goals, but their personal and professional one’s in a safe and effective manner. STS has evolved from a one-time Trainer of the Year at Bally Total Fitness to his garage (taking 19 of 21 clients with him) to an 800 square foot studio and now two studios each over 1300 square feet and a following like no other. Scott is a well respected fitness instructor that has been featured in both national and local media and was the winning trainer for channel 3's weight loss challenge each of the 3 years it was held. He later created their first fitness challenge. He is a lifetime natural competitor who has trained dozens of clients for bodybuilding, figure, and fitness competitions, a number of which have placed in the top five and several who have won overalls! He is also certified in pre/post natal training and has trained many women to term.

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