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Post Menopause Weight Gain, How Do You Prevent It? - Fitness Instructor Scott Keppel (VIDEO)

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Fitness instructor Scott Keppel shares if there is a way for women to prevent postmenopausal weight gain.

Fitness Instructor Scott Keppel:
Ways to prevent weight gain post-menopause, there are several. One thing we need to take into consideration is that your body is going to go through hormonal changes. We cannot stop this. Testosterone levels are going to decrease. Testosterone is a male-dominant hormone that produces muscle. That decreasing means you’re going to have less muscle, which means your metabolism is going to slow down.

One pound of muscle can burn 20 to 100 calories a day; a pound of fat can only burn 8. So estrogen levels are going to go up, androgen levels are going to go up, all of those that are more female-dominant hormones cause the body to store. So, we can’t prevent that, but the things that we can prevent is several women, once they go into menopause, will lower their activity levels. Well, if you lower your activity levels, you’re going to gain weight.

So at that time you need to keep as active as you were, if not, increase that activity level to help combat those hormone changes. Oftentimes it’s a hard time in a woman’s life. So they’re going to turn to eating; a lot of individuals turn to emotional eating. If you’re eating more, less activity, weight gain is going to occur no matter who you are, pre- or post menopause, it doesn’t matter.

So what they need to keep in mind is okay, keep track of your food. As menopause occurs, and for most women it’s going to happen between 40 to 50. In the Western hemisphere, it tends to be an average age of 51 years old. It is when menopause is going to occur. So you know it’s going to happen. So what you can do is start to prepare for that. Keeping track of your food, keeping track of your activity, and as you are experiencing that, make sure you at least maintain, if not increase those levels to help, if not avoid weight gain, at least slow it down.

About Fitness Instructor Scott Keppel:
Scott Keppel has been part of the fitness industry for over 14 years. Now the proud owner of Scott's Training Systems, Scott has taken his vision to the next level. He is keeping true to his philosophy of empowering every client, so they can achieve not only their fitness goals, but their personal and professional one’s in a safe and effective manner. STS has evolved from a one-time Trainer of the Year at Bally Total Fitness to his garage (taking 19 of 21 clients with him) to an 800 square foot studio and now two studios each over 1300 square feet and a following like no other. Scott is a well respected fitness instructor that has been featured in both national and local media and was the winning trainer for channel 3's weight loss challenge each of the 3 years it was held. He later created their first fitness challenge. He is a lifetime natural competitor who has trained dozens of clients for bodybuilding, figure, and fitness competitions, a number of which have placed in the top five and several who have won overalls! He is also certified in pre/post natal training and has trained many women to term.

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