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Take 'The Water Secret' Challenge For A Healthier Life

By EmpowHER
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Dr. Murad discusses his new book, "The Water Secret", and shares healthy eating and exercise tips to slow aging and maintain a healthy weight.

Shay Pausa:
Could the secret to looking and feeling ten years younger be as close as your kitchen? Well, the physician referred to as the beauty genius Dr. Howard Murad is here to tell us about his new book and the secret to looking and feeling younger. Good morning Dr. Thank you for being with us.

Dr. Howard Murad:
Good morning, Shay. Good to be with you.

Shay Pausa:
So the new book is called “The Water Secret”. Tell us what you have discovered about how water impacts aging.

Dr. Howard Murad:
Well the truth is, when we were young we had more water in our cells. We were born with 75% water and we gradually lose more and more water in our cells. We know our skin gets drier as we age, but every single cell in our body dries out as we get older, and when it dries out it cannot function the way it did when we were young.

So the secret is, how do we get the water to stay in our cells? Everybody is drinking eight glasses of water a day, but where does that water go? It goes right through you. We need to strengthen our cell membranes; reduce the damage that’s causing it.

It’s an inclusive approach. It’s actually quite simple to do the whole process and in studying over 3,000 different patients I have found that there is a little secret and it’s about, how can we get more water in your cells very simply?

Shay Pausa:
So tell us one thing we can start doing today that can help our cells hold onto the water.

Dr. Howard Murad:
Well one for sure is to eat your water; more raw fruits and vegetables. Raw fruits and vegetables have structured water which penetrates in your cells better than tap water, antioxidants to reduce the damage that occurs to our cells and of course, there are lot of other benefits. There is roughage which helps eliminate fat. There’s what we call pre-biotic – the bacteria in your gut work on the skin of the raw fruits and vegetables and produce their own food and grow so then you have good bacteria which improves your immune system; all kinds of fido-nutrients, all kinds of wonderful things so just minimizing a little bit the water you drink, eating your water. Think of foods . . . instead of thinking, “Is it too much fat, too much salt, too much sugar?” Think of it, “Is it juicy or is it dry?” Automatically dry foods are unhealthy – potato chips, fried foods, cookies tend to be dry.

Foods that are healthy for us – vegetables, fruits, even skinless white chicken is about 65% water, fish is about 50-60% water. So foods that tend to have more water in them are absolutely healthier for us than those that don’t. So the way of looking at foods now, try juicy foods instead of dry foods.

Shay Pausa:
And you mentioned in the book there are foods that cause us actually to lose water.

Dr. Howard Murad:
Absolutely. The three evils of food are pure fat, animal fat especially, sugar and salt. Pure fat damages our cell membranes, sugar causes glycation which causes us to have more free-radical damage everywhere, and salt is, as we know, toxic for us but what’s interesting about salt is water is what we use to eliminate our toxics. So one gram of salt requires 23 grams of water to eliminate it. So you have four potato chips. Now you are drinking a glass of water – all that water is doing is trying to get rid of the salt instead of staying in your cells where it could be beneficial.

The other thing that’s interesting about salt, and this is important for women, when we measure the body water of women versus men, women tend to have less water in their body than men do. The reason for that is women tend to have a little more fat and less muscle because of the testosterone that the men have. Fat only has 10-20% water; muscle has 70% water.

So, things that begin to be important for women and the reason why it is harder for them to lose weight than it is for men is because they have less water – number one. Number two, it’s hard to detoxify. So women are more sensitive to alcohol, for example, than men are, and it’s very important for women to do a little more exercise, especially weight-bearing exercise as they go through life because when that happens, we strengthen their bones, we strengthen their bones and they are less likely to have osteoporosis and a way of measuring the longevity isn’t necessarily your cholesterol, but possibly your bone density is more important. So weight-bearing exercise is very critical for women to encourage more muscle and encourage more water within their body in the cells.

Shay Pausa:
Very interesting. Now if someone gets the book and they start to change the way they eat; they start to exercise and they are getting the water into their cells, how long will it take them to actually see results and to look and feel ten years younger?

Dr. Howard Murad:
Well the reason it’s ten weeks is that over a ten-week period you are a whole new person. Your skin turns over once a month, your liver about six weeks, your bones about three months – so over a ten-week period of time you have all new cells.

As you hydrate every new cell that’s coming on, as you minimize the damage, as you minimize what I call cultural stress, in
“The Water Secret” book I talk about the cultural stress which is a new kind of stress which is constant and pervasive, as we minimize that, as we improve our antioxidant intake, as we get more water in our cells, everyone of our cells is going to work better, and the body is connected because people think, “Well gee, I am only having trouble with my skin.” Well, is your skin connected to your heart? Of course it is. There are blood vessels there. It’s connected to your brain. There are nerves in your skin.

As we improve every system in your body, every cell in your body becomes more hydrated, we help everything about you whether it’s wrinkles, whether it’s sleep patterns, whether it’s digestion, whether increasing hair growth, nail growth – all of that just by encouraging more water in every cell.

Shay Pausa:
So it is really a very holistic approach.

Dr. Howard Murad:
Yes, I call it an inclusive approach because it’s getting more water in your cell. The difference between preventive and holistic and things like that is they tend to focus on the one problem, whether it is wrinkles or heart disease or whatever, this process is making every cell in your body as healthy as possible. So you have the best environment for your body to take care of itself. So you are helping every organ system in your body instead of just focusing on one or two.

Shay Pausa:
Well it sounds brilliant and as far as weight loss goes a new study said that just drinking two glasses of water before we eat really helps.

Dr. Howard Murad:
That does but I would recommend even eating your water – that’s even better because it fills you a little bit better than just the water.

Shay Pausa:
Excellent! Thank you for this valuable information. The book is “The Water Secret” and it’s in the stores now.

Dr. Howard Murad:
Thank you Shay.

Shay Pausa:
Now I’ve been drinking his cellular secret smoothie every day and I have seen a difference in my skin and weight. It’s a great plan. Go check it out.

Now for more great ideas and tips to manage your weight or to look and feel younger be sure to visit EmpowHER.com skin and weight management channels. There you can share your story and connect with other women. It’s one of the best ways you can advocate for your own health.

Thanks for being with us today. I am Shay Pausa. I will see you next time.

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