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Vitamin D Deficiencies, What Motivates You To Advocate For Women? - Carole Baggerly (VIDEO)

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Carole Baggerly describes why she is motivated to advocate for vitamin D deficiencies.

Carole Baggerly:
I had breast cancer in 2005 and I was personally appalled at the treatment. I think it’s barbaric, bar none. And I have children in the medical profession and they said things like, “Mom, it’s the best we can do.” And I said, “It’s not good enough.”

And so for two years after my cancer, I researched cancer to see what on earth could I do to contribute to this. I have great experience in marketing. I am a scientist. It’s like, what could I do to change the tide on this because whatever we’ve got isn’t working.

February 2007, I know it’s a short time ago, I was diagnosed with osteoporosis and I said, “Doctor, why? I do my workouts and I do all these great things.” And she said, “Well maybe you are vitamin D deficient.”

Well, I started doing research on vitamin D and I am very sorry to say it took me three hours before I keyed in vitamin D and cancer and up came the paper that Dr. Cedric Garland just published on the fact that one could reduce the incidence, the incidence of breast cancer by at least 50 percent by having more vitamin D.

I was on the phone. I met with Dr. Tony Norman. I attended a National Cancer Institute conference in May and we spent all the next summer touring the country, meeting with all the vitamin D researchers and all of that has led to the conferences that we are having, to the program that we are having, because they are there.

The scientists are there waiting for somebody to listen to their story of more than 40 years. And the public, which is mostly what I interfaced with this last summer all across the country, they are ready to hear it. So it’s time.

About Carole Baggerly:
Carole Baggerly is the founder and director of Grassroots Health, a non-profit organization promoting vitamin D awareness. After her own experience with breast cancer and osteoporosis, she learned the connection among these diseases and vitamin D deficiency, which triggered her role as an advocate.

Visit Carole Baggerly at Grassroots Health

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