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Vitamin D Deficiency, How Can This Problem Be Solved? - Carole Baggerly (VIDEO)

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Carole Baggerly explains how women can help solve the worldwide vitamin D deficiency dilemma.

Carole Baggerly:
I think women can solve their own health problems with vitamin D and help spread the word by joining our D*action group. It’s free. It’s a non-profit. And what we are trying to do with this is get people to put in some of their health information, get a free, almost free, a kit for $25.00 to test their vitamin D and participate in an ongoing project to get the word out because if people will spread the word we will cure it.

Now the other part of a woman’s role, and I, I don’t, we can cure it within women, all right? That can be done. The other thing that women have a powerful role with is I still believe that women are the organizers of the world. Women have their children. Children are terribly vitamin D deficient so let’s pay attention to these women’s children.

Women end up taking care of their elderly parents. Let’s take care of the vitamin D deficiency as a social model for women. So to me, it’s a social godsend for women to have something positive to do.

About Carole Baggerly:
Carole Baggerly is the founder and director of Grassroots Health, a non-profit organization promoting vitamin D awareness. After her own experience with breast cancer and osteoporosis, she learned the connection among these diseases and vitamin D deficiency, which triggered her role as an advocate.

Visit Carole Baggerly at Grassroots Health

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