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Stress And Cortisol, What Is The Connection? - Dr. Emdur (VIDEO)

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Stress And Cortisol, What Is The Connection? - Dr. Emdur (VIDEO)
Stress And Cortisol, What Is The Connection? - Dr. Emdur (VIDEO)
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Dr. Emdur describes the association between stress and cortisol.

Dr. Emdur:
You know, of all of the hormones in our body, the cortisol is the only one that increases with age. Cortisol does several good things, it balances our blood sugars, it is anti-inflammatory, it helps us fight infection, but prolonged elevation of your cortisol levels has deleterious effects. It raises our blood pressure, contributing to heart disease and stroke. It also causes fat to be deposited in our mid-section. So, you don’t want to have constantly elevated cortisol.

What raises our cortisol levels is constant stress. Your stress levels go up. Your cortisol levels go up and you will never lose weight. So the key to balancing your cortisol level is really to control stress. The ways to do that are, you know, read a book, go for a walk, have a good laugh, go on vacation, Yoga, Tai Chi, take a break, take a five-minute power nap. The lower your cortisol levels you will live healthy, happier and you will actually be able to lose weight.

About Dr. Emdur, D.O, Ph.D.:
Dr. Emdur is a board certified Internist/Pulmonologist (American Board Of Internal Medicine) and recognized by his peers as a Diplomate in the American College of Chest Physicians since 1996. He did his medicine and pulmonary training at the Cleveland Clinic (1979-1984) and has practiced both hospital based and office based pulmonary medicine in San Diego since 1984. He holds a PhD in microbiology from the University of Pittsburgh (1975) an MBA from California State University (1998) and is board certified as a Diplomate and Advanced Fellow in anti-aging medicine by the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. He also is a clinical faculty member at Western University of Health Science in California where he teaches medical students.

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