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What Exercises Are Recommended For Pregnant Women? - Dr. Dugoua (VIDEO)

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Dr. Dugoua shares what exercises he recommends for pregnant women.

Dr. Dugoua:
There’s a number of special exercise classes and yoga and Pilates for pregnant women. I think it depends on your level of exercise, and it depends on what other issues you have going on in your body. I remember about five years ago, I played a pregnant woman in ultimate Frisbee, and she was faster than me, and her belly was out there, and she played till her eighth month.

So, it depends on the person, some people will bike, some people swim, other people are more bedridden, so it depends on the person’s activity level, but yoga is very safe, Pilates is very safe when you’re doing it under the instruction of somebody who's trained with pregnant women, particularly when you’re doing poses on your stomach you have to be very careful about it.

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