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Why Should Pregnant Women See A Naturopathic Doctor Instead Of A Traditional One? - Dr. Dugoua (VIDEO)

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Dr. Dugoua shares why a pregnant woman would benefit from seeing a naturopathic doctor rather than a traditional one.

Dr. Dugoua:
What’s nice about the naturopathic route is we’re very much based on prevention. We talk about giving probiotics to pregnant women to prevent pre-term delivery. We give probiotics to pregnant women so their children at 2, 4 or 6 years of age, don’t have eczema or any other form of atopic disease. So what’s good about a naturopath is we’re really thinking down the road to try to prevent any problems for the woman’s pregnancy.

Also, what we find in pregnant women is when pregnant women are on medication, about 40% of pregnant women will stop taking their medication because they’re afraid of whatever they’re taking may cause side effects to the baby, and often they gravitate towards a different form of medicine which is naturopathic medicine.

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