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How Is Sexual Desire Like A Bus Ride?

By EmpowHER January 3, 2011 - 1:38pm

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How Is Sexual Desire Like A Bus Ride?
How Is Sexual Desire Like A Bus Ride?
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The president and CEO of Zestra describe how sex is like a bus ride and that women who take Zestra find their journey more enjoyable and want to take a ride again the next day.

Mary Wallace Jaensch, CEO:
So when we are talking to women, when we are talking to doctors, when we are talking to investors they say to us, “Well, we don’t really know too much about female sexual satisfaction, like why aren’t women satisfied and what more do they want?” So, tell them the story about the bus, Rachel.

Rachel Braun Scherl, President:
So as we were looking for way to understand the sexual satisfaction of females and understanding what was involved, a doctor gave us a great example. She said, picture sex like a bus ride. Some women don’t want to get on the bus – that’s a lack of desire. Some women are perfectly fine. They get on the bus. They are not enjoying the ride. It’s too fast; it’s too slow. It’s boring. It’s not what they expected – that’s lack of arousal.

And some women never get to their ultimate destination, and that’s lack of orgasm. And as any woman knows, and as anybody who has talked to a woman probably knows, if all those pieces aren’t working, the woman is not running to get back on the very next bus.

Mary Wallace Jaensch, CEO:
But what women tell us, women that use Zestra, is they are interested in getting on the bus, they have a much better time when they are on the bus, they usually get to their destination with a lot more pleasure, and they are much more interested in going back to the bus depot the next day.

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