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Miriam Advises Women On Adding Hormones (VIDEO)

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Miriam shares advice for women wondering if adding hormones are right for them.

It is very hard. It is really very hard to recommend to other women because it is really up to the woman to study and to ask questions and to go see her doctor and to decide what is good for her. It is very hard to advise. I can only talk about what works for me, and maybe in 10 years they will say actually hormone prevents heart attacks and all the kinds of problems that women are facing today; maybe they will find that hormone is very, very good for all of it. I do not know. Maybe we do get cancer but we get cancer from drinking polluted water, from the pollution of the air, from the lead, from vegetables that are not properly washed, from DDT that they use, I do not know how many years ago, from asbestos that they use, I do not know how many years ago. There are other factors that really, that causes cancer. We do not know what really causes cancer. We only know that women have a much higher rate of cancer today than they did before. I do not know what causes this, but I also know that hormones could be a contributor. I do not know. But also our lifestyle and what we eat and what we drink and the pollution can be another contributor. I do not know. There may be not enough studies or maybe the studies are not conclusive. I only know that for me, it is a lifestyle choice. It is not so much about getting cancer or not getting cancer because if I do not get colon cancer because I am on hormones, but maybe that could have been an issue in the future. If I do not get heart attacks because I am on hormones, maybe that is a preventative which I am doing good and not bad. I do not know. I can only say what works for me. This is what works for me, and maybe the combination of these two works very well for me and this maybe the route to go. So I can only talk about my own experience.

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