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Miriam Explains What Happened That Let Her Know She Needed Hormones (VIDEO)

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Miriam explains how she knew she needed hormones.

I had a test at the Mayo Clinic, and they said, well you have osteopenia, borderline osteoporosis. My mother had osteoporosis, and being very small built and slight bones, I am a very good candidate. So then the doctor prescribed hormones as a prevention against osteoporosis. It was not really so much to do with going into menopause. It was more to do with taking care of the osteoporosis. Then of course the hot flashes and everything else that was associated with going into menopause at that time. I was 50 when I was prescribed first hormones. Ten years later I find that actually I cannot function without it. I hope that sometime in the future they will come to some conclusion about how good it is for you or how bad it is for you. Meanwhile, it is good for me because it is good for my lifestyle. When I was off the hormones I thought I was going to go crazy, and my husband begged me to go do something about it. I was picking fights with the world, and now I am just happy all the time. I am smiling. I am positive. I am kind and generous and sees the world through rose glasses whereas before everything was getting on my nerves. Everybody was nasty. Now everybody is nice.

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