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Miriam Explains How Hormones Controlled Her Osteoporosis (VIDEO)

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Miriam shares how taking hormones helped her prevent osteoporosis from being a major problem in her life.

The bone loss was very, very slight over the years. I mean, every year you get older you lose some bone. It is natural. But the depletion of calcium in the bone was very slight and in line with my age, which means that I am still osteopenia and not osteoporosis. I also tried to exercise. I also tried to keep active. Tried to eat right. You can do all that when you have the energy to do it, but if you have no energy you do not want to exercise. If you do not sleep well, you get up in the morning feeling terrible. So it is one thing that leads to another because now that I am on hormones I sleep well. I have no hot flashes. I have more energy. I can do all the things to keep my health in balance. I can exercise. I have a very busy lifestyle. I am very active, and all this is possible because I am my normal self but when off the hormones, you are just tired all the time. You are in a bad mood. You are depressed. You do not sleep well. You eat too much. You gain weight. You do not feel good about yourself because of it. One thing leads to another. It is not just one part. It is like a domino effect. It leads--one thing leads to another. So for me, when I say lifestyle, it is really encompasses my whole routine every day. It encompasses my relationships. It encompasses even my sex drive. Whereas if you feel good about yourself, if you feel happy, you can keep your age, you have the energy. You feel attractive. You feel desirable. You feel normal. You want sex. You enjoy it. All the things that are associated with getting old. You just push back a few years. At 60 I feel like I was 30. I have the energy of a 30-year-old and I have a very, very active lifestyle. I am a very happy person. The only thing that changed is that I am wiser. I am less introspective and much more out there. Caring for people. Being there for others, whether it's family, whether it's friends, whether it's benevolent causes. So when you are younger, it is more about you. As you get older, it is more about the world and your community. I think that is also you need energy for that. So all in all, I am just a much happier person.

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