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Missy Shares Why Young Women Need To Advocate For Pelvic Wellness (VIDEO)

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Missy explains why it is important for young women to advocate for their pelvic health and well-being.

I think girls should know more than they know about their pelvic health and wellness. We know in sex Ed about reproduction and STDs and we know we have orifices, right? So, we’ve done a pretty good job of teaching young girls about that, but we do not know about the muscles and structures, for example, that support that alignment.

We do not know how things I am doing every day can get me in trouble down the line, like, “Am I going to the bathroom every 45 minutes? Am I squatting and hovering in a public toilet because I am afraid to sit down and why does that matter?” And things like that, women, “Am I drinking a lot of diet soda?” And those are all things with bladder control that can get you into trouble ten years down the line or 20 years down the line.

So we would like to see young girls know more about what is their pelvis, what does it do, I mean not just from a bladder control problem but, as the literal center of their body, you know, it’s where top meets bottom so it is a structural core. It is their sexual core. It is their reproductive core if they choose to have child. It is their digestive core. If they are a Yogi, it is their first and second chakras.

So these are lot of things going on here that are really powerful and important. So we’d love to have young girls, young athletes who are doing a lot of things that puts stress on their pelvic floors. They have higher rates of bladder control problems, for example, than do their college-age peers.

We would certainly like women approaching pregnancy or thinking about getting pregnant to know a lot more about this part of the body and then, as women age all women are going to hit menopause and that is the prefect time to be really embracing this area and thinking about it being strong and fit, sexy and in control, as we say, as they go through and come out of menopause.

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