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Missy Shares Why It Is Unhealthy For Women To Urinate When They Do Not Need To (VIDEO)

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Missy explains why is it unhealthy for a woman to urinate when she does not need to.

When you are potty trained what your mother did for you was established dominancy over your bladder by your brain. So, your bladder may think it has to go to the bathroom and actually signals that you have to go to the bathroom when it’s about half full. Bladder can hold about two cups of urine. So at about one cup it will start sending these urges to your brain saying, “I have to go, I have to go, I have to go,” and your brain will say, “No, you are sitting in this room. You need to just hang out until you can go to the bathroom,” and then you can go.

So, you wait a little longer, more urine fills up in the bladder. You go to the bathroom, you sit down, you relax, the pelvic floor relaxes, the bladder contracts, and life is good. That is how it is supposed to work.

When we start going to the bathroom just in case, “I don’t know when another clear bathroom is going to be. I about to go into a meeting, I am going to start this movie, I am getting on the airplane.” What it does is that gives the bladder power over the brain.

The bladder just gets to experience it taking control and unfortunately what happens is, the bladder likes to be in control, so it will then start signaling it has to go all the time, and you get into these cycles of what’s called frequency, and the woman will feel like she has to go to bathroom and she goes and there is something there and then she will feel like she has to go again in 20 minutes.

So the way to undo that is to literally retrain your bladder. You have look at your watch and say, “Okay, I can last an hour,” you know whatever it is, a manageable amount of time, and you time yourself and you say, “Okay, I went at 9:00 and I am going to wait until 10:00.” If you feel that urge to go you do a couple of pelvic floor exercises or contractions, calm it down and you wait until the hour is over, you walk slowly to the bathroom and you go.

This is another great way to use your pelvic floor coach. They can help put you on a program of bladder training. The next day you might add 15 more minutes and try to last an hour and 15 and so on and so on until you are lasting two to three to four hours in between bathroom breaks.

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